Recent research by Intelligence Group shows that job sites are the most-used channels when searching for a new job. That makes job sites a more popular method than using own networks, Google or social media. Since they are so popular, we have delved into the world of job sites in Netherlands and accumulated a top 25 for you.

Indeed is the current market-leader within the Dutch labour market: more than half of active job-seekers (54%) uses the platform, followed bij LinkedIn (26%). Whereas Indeed is used by all types of education and experience levels, LinkedIn (despite just under 8 million Dutch profiles) is predominantly used by white-collar workers (Bachelor/Master level).

When Google for Jobs is finally introduced (which is not the case toward the end of 2019), the landscape will steadily change in the Netherlands. It is widely expected that, similar to what happened in the United Kingdom, its introduction will lead to a decrease in the Indeed domination. For LinkedIn, a medium still often used by recruiters, users searching for jobs are advised to create multi-lingual accounts, while signalling that you’re ‘open’ for offers.

De Nationale Vacaturebank comes in at the third spot, as best of the rest with a 23% share. Monsterboard (known as Monster in other areas of the world) has a 15% share, which makes them the fourth most-popular job site. Randstad, which acquired Monster worldwide in 2016, is listed in ninth. However, Randstad is by far the most-popular intermediary in the country; mainly for temp work, but also with its separate brand Yacht, for white-collar workers.

Werk, coming in at 5th place, is the official job board of the Dutch Government. The site is mainly used by the unemployed and people on benefits. Their vacancies are commonly not of the highest standard. Those seeking jobs in the Netherlands from abroad are better off using other websites.

A few other pointers from the top 25:
Jobbird (7%) is owned by Young Capital (5%), who themselves finished in ninth place. Jobbird attracts all-round vacancies, while its owner has more of an emphasis on recent-graduates and young professionals.
Intermediair  (3%) is a recruitment website that focuses more on the highly-educated; permanent contracts at the top end of the market. These vacancies are often posted by recruitment and selection agencies.
There are a few job-aggregators (like Indeed) that offer a bunch of vacancies in the Netherlands: Jobrapido, nuwerk, joof, joblift en jooble.
Besides LinkedIn, freep, 3lance, Planet Interim, Jellow, job and freelance are all interesting websites for freelancers.
For temporary jobs and side-jobs, websites like bijbaan or platforms such as Young Ones and Temper might be good options.
Do not forget about social media. A lot of employers like going Dutch, and post their ads (for free) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
If you would like to view every other job sites available in the Netherlands, go to allevacaturesites for an overview of more than 1.000 job sites.

Netherlands has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU. In fact, unemployment stood at only 4.4% in December 2020. Traditionally, it was common for employees in the Netherlands to work for the same employer for their entire life. This changed dramatically during the ’90s when people started changing jobs more frequently. However, this trend slowing down considerably during the last financial crisis and hence a large number of job seekers in the Netherlands tend to be passive rather than active.
When hiring in the Netherlands, we recommend reaching out to both active and passive talent. Distributing your role across multiple job posting sites is a great way to attract a strong pool of active talent. Here are our picks for the top free and paid job boards where you can post your jobs when sourcing talent for your roles in the Netherlands.

Post Jobs for Free in Holland 

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Indeed is the market leader for jobs in the Netherlands with more than half (54%) of job seekers using it for their job search (according to Intelligence Group).

LinkedIn is the second most popular job site in the Netherlands with approximately 26% of job seekers using it for their job search (according to Intelligence Group). However, while Indeed caters to all education and experience levels, LinkedIn predominantly caters to white-collar professionals.

Nationale Vacaturebank
Nationale Vacaturebank is one of the biggest generalist job boards on the market in the Netherlands. According to the site, it has over 1.5 million visits a month and more than 1 million candidates in its database.

Monsterboard is known as Monster in other countries. Monster is a leading global job board that provides premium job listings to employers for roles in multiple countries. Employers can post their jobs on Monsterboard at a cost to source talent for their Netherlands based roles.

Werk, is a government job board in the Netherlands, which was created in 2006 to support the UWV website, which is the employee insurance agency. The site receives over 2 million visits a month, making it one of the leading job boards in the country. It is important to note that employers need a tax number to activate an account.

Established in 2006, Jobrapido lists over 20 million jobs every month, records 55 million visits per month and has more than 90 million registered users. Jobrapido is a leading global job aggregator site with jobs in 58 countries. Jobrapido analyses and aggregates job listings from all over the web, so that candidates can find all relevant jobs in one place. Using pioneering technology and innovative products, Jobrapido connects the dots between great employers and stellar candidates.

Talent mission is to centralize all jobs available on the web, and with over 30 million jobs in more than 75 countries, Talent has established itself as one of the largest job boards in the world. The site offers both free and premium listings for employers looking to hire talent in the Netherlands.

Jooble is a vertical job search engine that aggregates and displays job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate, recruiter pages and newspapers. Jooble is represented in 71 countries and available in 24 languages. As of December 2019, Jooble was the second most visited job search site (after Indeed), with 90 million visits per month on average and roughly 950 million visits during 2019.

Google for Jobs
Posting jobs on Google for Jobs is possible if you structure the underlying HTML of your job postings so they can be indexed by Google for Jobs. Alternatively, you can post your jobs for free on Snaphunt to automatically distribute your job on Google for Jobs as well as numerous other job posting sites.

Check out our Complete guide to job posting sites in netherlands for comprehensive lists of job posting sites by country or theme.


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