Are you stuck with the most confusing question about your home roof? Choosing the right roofing material impacts every other decision about our home. It affects the design, color, durability and curb appeal of your home.

Metal is an emerging popular choice for residential buildings. It has been tried and tested for commercial buildings. As we can see it has stood the test of time and is considered the most popular choice for commercial buildings and warehouses.

Analyzing its credibility for your home roofing system is essential. Either you are building a new roof or your old roof needs replacement, the best solution is to weigh the pros and cons of each building material.

It is a fact that no material can be considered as the best roofing material for all house types and climate regions. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofs. Once you have checked the pros and cons, it is easy to navigate your way through the options.


best roofing material You should buy for you new home

Advantages Of Metal Roof

1. Durability

According to a survey conducted by Metal Construction Association (MCA), low slope, unpainted and alloy coated metal roof has a life expectancy of 60 years.

Even when you are not purchasing high-end alloy coated metal roofs, a metal roof serves you around 50 years with minimal maintenance.

2. Ease Of Installation

Metal roofs are assembled from wide panels or metal shingles. The panels need to be fastened together, fixed and you are done with it.

If you hire a professional installer with enough expertise, metal roof installation is pretty easy and quick. You can also choose the fiber cement sheet for your new roof but no one can compete the durability offered by metal roofs.

3. Light Weight

If you compare all of the roofing materials, metal is the lightest material. A traditional roofing tile can weigh up to 750 pounds per square foot.

Metal roofing ranges from 100-150 pounds per square foot of roof. It is quite a difference! A house with a metal roof has improved structural stability.

4. Energy Efficient

Metal roofs with lighter paint colors tend to reflect the heat radiations. This leads to lower indoor temperatures and your HVAC system will not have to over-drive. Metal roofs are considered energy-efficient roofing solutions.

5. Eco-Friendly

A metal roof has a life expectancy of almost 50 years so it eliminates the need for replacement systems. At the end of the functional lifespan, around 80% of the material is yet suitable for recycling.

The metal can be recycled to make new metal items.

6. Weather Resistant and Safety

A metal roof is fire-resistant. It can withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles/hour. Provided minimal maintenance, metal roofs can resist corrosion, impact, fading and crackling.

Dark painted metal roofs absorb sun rays quickly, encouraging snowmelt in winters. If you are looking for a best roof installation company in Texas, check out the best roofing services in Houston TX.


best roofing material for your new home


Disadvantages Of Metal Roof

1. Initial Costs

When it comes to initial costs, a metal roof can cost you twice or thrice of other roofing materials. It can cost up to $600 per square. A metal roof is only affordable when you are planning to live in your home for a long time.

2. Noise

A lot of homeowners avoid installing a metal roof because of the noise. When it rains or hails, the noises can be pretty loud and disturbing.

Adding structural barriers to minimize the drumming sounds increases the installation costs. Solid plywood sheaths or sound deadening insulation can be a solution.

3. Prone To Denting

A metal roof is prone to denting when anything hits it. The dents and curves greatly affect the curb appeal of the home and may lead to water retention in unexpected areas. Moisture buildup is not safe.

4. Expansion And Contraction

As the temperatures fluctuate, metal roofs expand and contract. The frequent expansion and contraction can loosen the roof structure. It can lead to roof leakage and compromised safety.

Adjustable fasteners are available to counter this issue. All you need is an expert for installation.


Metal is known for its resilience, strength, and durability. It is a dependable material for the roofing system when you have enough money and live in the temperate climatic regions.

If you are investing your money in high-quality metal, it can serve you for a lifespan. All the other problems can be solved by hiring a reliable roof contractor for metal roof installation.

I hope this article will help you out in choosing the best material for roof replacement.

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