A good education should not be a luxury. However, with the rising cost of studying in the right school, not everyone can afford it. Due to financial scarcity, many talented students either leave their dreams and settle for whatever they are getting in their limited resources. Scholarships allow them to prove their mettle and avail financial help to continue their education.

Especially when it comes to higher education, scholarships help students pay for the best universities around the world. Singapore is home to world-renowned universities for undergraduate studies. To be accessible to students from all backgrounds, they offer several scholarships for the students to win.

Scholarships in Singapore are divided into different types which indicate how it can be availed or given to a student.

They are the following:

Merit-based scholarshipsLocal merit scholarships are given to students who achieved excellent scores and records in academics, art and athletics.

Need-based scholarships – they are given to students who have good grades but need financial help or have disabilities.

Student-specific scholarships – these are for students from a particular culture or group that deserve it.

College-Specific scholarships – these are for students who come from a specific school or educational facility.

Career-specific scholarships – These are for talented students who want to pursue a specific career.

For local undergraduate studies in Singapore, there are two types of scholarships:

Mid-term Scholarships: These are students who are enrolled in an undergraduate course and have achieved the right number of semesters to qualify for it. For mid-term scholarship, the sponsoring organization will look at the student’s pre-university records and their current semesters.

Full-term Scholarships: Full-term scholarships are for students who have yet to start their classes. Full-term scholarships take into consideration the student’s pre-university records.

Here are a few tips to help you bag a scholarship for your higher education:

  • Your application should be as unique as you are: Your application should stand out in the heap of applications they receive. Engage in activities which are beyond the purview of most students. Your individuality and perspective should reflect in the application. Highlight your internships or volunteer programs with great recommendation letters. The key is to humanize your applications. Show the reviewers who you are through your words and your experience.
  • Find Obscure Scholarships: The most well-known scholarships have the largest number of scholarships. Try to do more in-depth research to see what other organizations and groups are offering scholarships which you don’t know about. These scholarships tend to have a smaller competition, which may increase your chances of getting it. Most of the time, these obscure scholarships are given by private groups. You can also check out scholarships which have stringent requirements that fit you. It could be career-specific or college-specific scholarships.
  • Don’t be picky: Scholarships have applications from all around the world. So, it is best to cast a wider net and send out applications to several organizations. It increases your probability of landing at least one. If you get accepted to most of them, you can have your pick of the prime selection and determine which one fits your needs the most. But remember to tailor each application according to the requirements of the university or the course you’re applying to.

Scholarships offer a single platform for growth to students of varied backgrounds. They not only support the dreams of several students but also contribute effectively to society’s development as a whole.

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