Weight gainers are a common alternative for bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts looking to add on pounds.These sports supplements, high in calories and carbohydrates, are driving their muscles into development and speeding up recovery. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass has risen as among the best-rated products in this class.Being one of the world’s top brands of nutrition supplements, Optimum Nutrition has ruled the fitness sector for years. Optimum Nutrition has been their go-to brand for every supplement requirement for a regular workout. Severe mass, which is their main complement to the mass gainer, has been their ambassador for quite some time now, and it’s here to stay.

Much as those with protein powders have found, there are various types of weight gainers for different goals.

Let’s take a look at the choices and best ways to use the products.

  • High-calorie gainers: a high-calorie weight gainer like Optimum Nutrition Serious Massis considered by individuals with a fast metabolism who struggle to put on pounds. Incorporating a 2-scoop shake into a safe, balanced diet adds 1,250 calories to what people get and more from food when they mix the powder in cold milk rather than cold water.
  • High-protein extractors: Athletes who are expected to develop greater physical size to conquer their sport could be seeking lower calories. Although these products still provide significantly more calories and carbohydrates than typical protein powders, they provide 55 grams and 60 grams of protein per serving, respectively.

By having this information, one can have several benefits related to the same.


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