The chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) is quite popular as it is used for thermal paper coatings. The best thing is that it is stable and heat-resistance. And it also allows inkless printing for receipts from cash registers. It is also known as BPA, is a synthetic chemical that has been effectively used for many industrial purposes. Due to its effective benefits, BPA free thermal paper has gained popularity. It has the ability to serve as a vital compound for most materials that are still widely used up.
The BPA free thermal paper is mainly used for sales receipts, and the application of BPA on various products started to raise some concerns regarding the chemical’s health risk issues. The bisphenol A (BPA) could permeate through almost anything that could come in contact with. The best thing is that BPA could also bring adverse effects to the body, specifically the brain and hormone productions.
Pros of BPA free thermal paper
• The best thing about thermal paper is that it limits all the possible health risks
• It is also environment-friendly
Cons of BPA free thermal paper
• There are several alternative materials for BPA
• The major drawback of BPA free thermal paper is that it cost you a bit more than others.
These are some of the popular pros and cons of BPA free thermal paper that you could get. There are many more pros and cons associated with bisphenol A (BPA) thermal paper other than the points mentioned above.

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