“What details do I need to know about the keratin hair treatment near me?” well, there is a lot that you are possibly missing out on. And there are many things that you do not know about the world-famous Brazilian keratin hair treatment.

Expert hair professionals all around the world claim that there are very few customers who understand about this treatment procedure. As so many people are ignorant, you can bet there are many wrongful insights that you have received.

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Myths may seem like simple logical mistakes, but, if you do not have good knowledge and cannot differentiate among these myths and facts, then there will be a problem.

So here are some of the most popular myths related to keratin hair treatment procedure:

Debunking myths

 Myth #1

Straight hair cannot get a keratin treatment

HOAX! Hair is hair. And, you can get your hair treated no matter what shape it takes. As the outcome of a keratin hair treatment procedure is straight, many people assume, people with straight hair need not get this process done.

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Keratin is a protein and it provides nourishment and conditions the hair to make it look and feel flawless. It is hence to enhance the overall quality of the hair. Now in this process, experts apply a flat iron so that the hair is much more manageable. So no matter what your hair type is, keratin treatment will be the perfect process to tame a poor hair texture and enhance overall look.

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Myth #2

No styling or brushing needed

If you are going through a keratin treatment, keep this in mind that you have to brush your hair regularly. Doing so sustains the hair treatment and texture is better maintained. Brushing the hair is important as it untangles your hair and helps it to remain straight. If you stop combing or simply run your fingers through your hair, the tangles are going to stay as there will not be any fine brushing.

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If you want a refined look every day, you will have to style your hair. Just because the hair is straight and manageable, it is not going to stay in perfect order!

Myth #3

Formaldehyde is dangerous

Every substance has some percentage of side effects. But, this does not make them hazardous, does it? Formaldehyde is the binding agent. It is going to give the shape and texture that you desire in your keratin treated hair. Now this compound can be dangerous to your health if overdosed. But, the cleansers and hair packs associated with this substance has a finite quantity of this agent. Thus, they are very safe to use! The total percentage varies from 0.5% to 2% in most of the cases. Hence, it is pretty safe to use.

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Myth #4

All that heat will result in balding

This is the strangest myth that is out there! You are putting heated flat iron on your hair for styling and going through with hot showers – have they caused balding?


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