Weighted therapy is not a new thing as it has been with us for a very long time. Though, it gained huge popularity in the recent years. Weighted sensory products aid in treating sensory processing disorders such as PDD or autism in children. Weighted clothing or blankets provide great balance to bring their life back again. A sensory blanket is used to apply the right weight to the body. Also, it allow you to experience the comforting effects of the weighted blanket.

Adults and children vary in their sensory integration needs. These needs among children are not the same for each child. But being the parent of a child with a sensory processing challenge, will come to know that modification to the environment and activities undertaken can help manage their challenges and assist to relish their activities.


Weighted therapy products are generally constructed of soft fabrics which provide calming sensory input. Such sensory products include weighted vests, blankets, lap pads, animal-shaped todays and many more. Weighted vests incorporate a fantastic calming tool to keep your child warm, cozy, and secure feeling.

The weighted products incorporate weights of 2 pounds but all depends on the recommended sensory stimulation. Weighted therapy products are helpful in providing sensory information to the muscles and joints. They provide deep pressure to the users’ body and also ensure effective, soothing and calming effects to the children with autism. The enhanced sensory integration helps improve attention and concentration and thus result in reduced levels of arousal and attention deficit.

The motherly nature of weighted products help a child feel warm, secure and comfortable feel. Such weighed product help your child focus and better organize during performing arrays of tasks. Weighted products are best way to calm a child and provide great input to the brain.

With the availability of arrays of weighted therapy products, it’s easy to promote increased concentration, focus organization, body awareness, sensory processing and motor control. Buy sensory integration products like a weighted blanket, weighted lap pad, deep pressure vest, sensory sox, and more. Sensory Owl offers wide ranges of affordable, high-quality sensory therapy products that can provide organizing tactile input, calming input and very effective sensory feedback for home, school, travel or more.

Weighted sensory products help in treating sensory processing disorders like PDD or autism in children by using weighted clothing or blankets, providing deep pressure sensory information to joints and muscles. These products are truly a boon for special needs children. These weighted products may be advised by healthcare professionals or licensed therapists or should be used under adult supervision.

So buy sensory products like vests and blanket to offer relaxing effect in clinical conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and universal.

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