The answer is yes. But how?

Ambulatory surgical centers are vital in the healthcare system. And so, patients tend to prefer them over hospitals. ASCs provide quality care at affordable prices and do not require patients to stay overnight.

But the factors that make ASCs popular are also responsible for issues with payments & long wait times at these centers. Fortunately, there are some ambulatory surgical center billing measures that can be taken by operators to address these challenges.

However, in this blog, we will only focus on ASC billing practices to reduce wait times. These practices have helped many ambulatory surgical centers to cut wait times to about 20 minutes from the industry average of almost 90 minutes.

3 ASC Billing Best Practices to Minimize Care Delays

ASCs have to deal with complex regulatory requirements. And despite this and other benefits they provide, reimbursements are never at par with other providers. To deliver quality healthcare services and still stay competitive, ambulatory surgical center billing processes must be tuned for it.

These crucial admin functions can be optimized for different purposes. From minimizing care delays to improving patient experiences – a lot can be achieved by optimizing ASC billing efficiency.

Here are some best practices for ASCs to cut down delays and boost patient experiences:

1) Complete insurance & eligibility checks before patient encounter

Patients’ insurance details and coverage benefits must be checked for all appointments. This is an unavoidable step. And so, it is important to get these checks completed right after the appointment has been scheduled.

Doing this will help physician offices to be aware of all the payment requirements and initiate the next steps.

2) Collect all required documents for ASC billing requirements

Documents like medical records, diagnostic test reports, prescriptions, insurance details, and a lot more are required for billing purposes. There might also be the need to submit specific documents to support medical necessity.

Like insurance checks, documentation is another important part of ambulatory surgical center billing operations. And so, if the process is more efficient, there will be fewer back and forth to complete authorizations.

3) Perform proactive prior authorization

Proactive prior authorization is a practice that allows ASC billing & insurance staff to be ready with all the necessary documents to initiate pre-authorization processes. In short, this process helps ASCs to apply for authorizations right after every patient encounter.

This is beneficial for patients as it reduces their wait times before procedures. For non-elective and crucial ASC services, swift authorizations are vital in avoiding care delays.

Grow Your ASC with Ambulatory Surgical Center Billing Services

Ambulatory surgical centers have unfavorable reimbursement policies. They have to compete with providers that have larger operations and higher patient volumes. And with this and numerous other challenges, it is best to focus on core service areas like clinical functions.

Other non-clinical admin functions that do not generate additional revenue like insurance verification or claim submission should be delegated to ambulatory surgical center billing services.

This will help ASC operators to:

  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Increase revenue recovery
  • Shorter billing cycles, and most importantly
  • Minimize wait times

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