Roads in the UK are manifested with multitude of vehicles that are coming from different states as well as from other adjacent European countries.

Cars in these areas normally carry white and yellow plates with black characters. These are normally referred as registration number plates. These numbers are supposed to be issued by the country of origination of the boarders.

Upon crossed by police of administrative authorities on road, these numbers are verified against the papers that the person in the car needs to submit.There are cases where the car-owners are cross-examined for not having any front display registration.

Displaying Private number plate on the vehicle

The Ministry of Transport in the UK invariably requires all cars to carry number plate on the front part of the vehicle.

Several countries of Europe provide allowance for Private number plate. Such numbers are chosen and modified by the vehicle owners reluctant to display the monotonous series offered by the vehicle department to the general public.

According to the provisions of law regarding number plate, it is clearly mentioned that white number plate should be displayed on the car’s frontal. The plate must contain index marks. Inscriptions on those index marks should be toned in black only.

For the backside of the car, the country’s legislation commands that the private number plate must show black letters and numbers as designated by the vehicles authority of the related city or province.

The color of plate in back of the car should be yellow. Logic says that yellow is properly visible from far. Therefore, yellow color is suggested for the backside as the following vehicles sharing the same road can see the car from safe distance.

Personalized number plates are provided by the vehicle department on the basis of application by the owner. It is also required that both front and the back plates must be made from reflective material as they can be seen from a great distance even in poor lighting conditions. Such provisions help the cars avert collision or accidents.

Can a person make modification on the umber plate as per his/her preferences?

People in the UK and several other European countries prefer using personalized registration plate on their cars, and the matter does not end up there.

Even, some years back, the Britons were keen to demonstrate the customized number plates on their cars as show-pieces. For this purpose, they used to put some additional letters, stickers, symbols or numbers on famous models like the E-type Jaguar.

Currently, the practice is completely abandoned by the UK vehicle department. Use of any personal sticker on commercial cars like the trailers or caravans is also debarred completely.

Safety standard in the UK demands that the material used in a number plate including the private number plates should be able to counteract bending. In the regulation, it is also mentioned that the material must have to be sustainable to sudden shock.

Therefore, current registration plates provided by the UK Vehicle Department are made from acrylic materials. These materials provide resistance to corrosion and are extremely durable in nature.

Sticks are completely discarded as the materials. Sticks do not offer the required durability. These are feared to undergo ripping in the event of a collision or accident.

The format of Private number plate

According to the latest update by the British Transport Ministry, marking on plate must be compatible with the legality standard. It implies that these plates are appropriately tested whether they are suitable for being on the road and sustain harsh weather and shock.

The law also commands that no number plate should contain any background image. Only solid colors are permitted at the backdrop.

To comply with the rules, it is required that the cars are brought under the surveillance of the Ministry of Transport. The authority will help you handle any discrepancy and become law-abiding citizens.

The final word

Being a responsible UK citizen, it is required that you keep yourself aware of the latest rules and regulations. People in this country use both public and private transport in equal proportion. Such people must react positively to the latest amendments in transport laws.


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