Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City offer you outclass living experience.

Are you in search of a home that reflects luxury, decency and sophistication at one place?

Living in a home that is a perfect solace of your imagination is a dream of everybody. Sometimes, you seek something more than walls, roofs, rooms and kitchen. A house can never be a home.

If you are in search of a dream home. Then capital smart city islamabad is ideal for you. It is not an ordinary housing scheme. But it is a smart city, a city that actually breathes.

With a particular motto to introduce smart living in Pakistan, capital smart city offers a truly luxury lifestyle. With the integration of most modern and sophisticated technology in real estate development, it is the first smart city of Pakistan. In this project you can find plenty of options and amenities.

Without further ado, let’s start discuss each of them.

Residential Plots

First of all the residential plots are launched. These residential plots are offered in following categories

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

These plots are placed at very different locations. Mainly, there are three residential blocks namely General Block, Executive Block and Overseas Block. These residential plots are placed at different locations in aforementioned blocks.

Trivelles Smart Homes

You read right. The smart homes are now introduced in Pakistan. Trivelles Smart homes are truly smart in every extent. Advance technologies are incorporated to make it work efficiently. You will find those features here that are only seen in movie or ads. Let us list down some of them for you

  • Smart Locks: the security assurance is now under the tap or swipe of your finger. You can let people enter your house by sitting in your office chair. The locks are completely under your control via smart device like mobile or laptop
  • Smart windows and curtain rails: you have left the window open and now it’s raining. What to do next? No worries any more. The smart water sensor in windows will come in to action automatically. It will close the windows automatically if it rains. Moreover, these are time operated. The curtain will close and open automatically as per the time along with light exposure.
  • Smart Mirror: you can now access your laptop and cell phone data through Smart Mirror placed in bathroom. It is a something exceptional and unique.
  • Smart Magic Box: All the appliances in your home can be operated by your device. The Smart Magic Box is a single platform where all the appliances can be turned off and on with single button.
  • Smart indoor and out CCTV cameras: nobody can peek in or intrude in your smart home now. The smart indoor and outdoor CCTV setup will cover every single corner of your house. Keep an eye on your private space through mobile screen. Not only this, you can call emergency in case of intrusion.
  • Smart Motion Sensor: the smart motion sensor is a one step ahead towards a full proof security of your place. It will detect any suspicious movement within house and will warn you immediately.

There are plenty of such smart features. So, what’s stopping you to live such a smart life in advance home?

Shared Villas

Shared villas is a brand new concept introduced in Pakistan. With utmost privacy, have a unique experience of sharing a villa with 2 other families. It is a best choice for the lower budget people who can’t afford high price plots and villas. But, they aspire to spend life in utmost luxury and convenience. The shared villas are basically constructed villas with innovative master plan. It is designed in a way that more than 2 families can live under a single roof without any disturbance in any’s privacy.


It is a great idea to spend your summer nights and winter noon in lush green farmhouse that are sprawled over 2, 4 and 8 Kanal land. Equipped with luxury facility the farmhouses in Capital smart city is the best place for farmhouses lover.

Capital smart city is a hub for many amenities. It is a place where dreams of living international standard lifestyle actually comes true without any hurdles.







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