Cardiology coding is needed for all sub specialties that include general non invasive, invasive, cardiovascular, cardiothoracic and also interventional cardiology. Payers only pay a fixed amount and unless claims are submitted with right coding procedures being followed, chances are you will lose money and also your patients in the long run.  

  • Hence, finding a genuine partner to work on your cardiology coding services can be tricky. There are serious guidelines as the entire cardiology treatment is divided into two parts, diagnostic and therapeutic.  
  • Any provider cannot extend one cardiology treatment per day. If it is so technical component of the lesser expensive procedure will be reduced by 25% which means only 75% will be paid.  

Providers must know whether the codes they submit get accepted with the medical necessity being established in the right vein. If there are multiple technical components, the lowest have to be billed separately to avoid 25% reduction in the payment process.  

Superior coding ensured by us 

Over the last few years, we have been a trust worthy vendor that offers exclusive support in cardiology coding services. We help you eliminate proven gaps in up coding and down coding with our range of services.  

Our team believes in making your billing process transparent by setting the right standards in your cardiology coding services with integrity. We have a team that have reduced operational expenses by almost 80% for the biggest and the best.  

Hire our team at just $7 per hour to make sure that none of your money is left hanging. We drive your ROI with our competitive cardiology billing and coding services which makes sure that collections are managed properly in the long run.  

Looking for more information on how we define your credentials in the long run, our team is right here to help you. Drive your ROI with our entire range of cardiology coding services all under one umbrella. Find out why we are hailed as one of the best in the entire healthcare business. We make it possible for you at these testing times. 


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