There are a number of causes behind an enlarged kidney, from infection and cancer to alcoholism and IgA kidney disease treatment. Studies have shown that patients will usually go for years without noticing kidney enlargement. A normal sized kidney cannot be felt during a physical exam. Enlarged kidneys may be discovered when physicians treat symptoms or during a pelvic or prostate exam.

Causes of an Enlarged Kidney

Burning during urination or pain or pressure in the bladder can be a sign of a UTI that can cause kidney enlargement. The pain may be located near the lower part of the abdomen, over the bladder or near the pelvis. Men who have an infection may feel pain in the urethra, while a woman feels pain near the opening of the vagina. Pain that’s located in the lower side of the abdomen is usually associated with kidneys that are rapidly swelling. The pain can also begin in the lower back, radiating out from the abdomen once the kidneys have become enlarged. When the outer layers of the kidney begin to swell it will cause a sharp pain that can lead to vomiting or nausea. Kidney stones can also be the cause of severe back pain. When a stone becomes lodged it causes this type of organ enlargement and will create pain that can come in waves, lasting for thirty to sixty minutes.

When a patient experiences rapid weight gain that can’t be attributed to other causes, swelling is sometimes noticed. As kidneys fail and become enlarged, the fluids are unable to be processed correctly and it will begin to accumulate in the face, lower back, abdomen and ankles. According to experts in this field, kidney failure will be the result of fluid leaks in the tissues of the body.

Heart failure can also cause this type of organ swelling as the weak pumping of the heart will signal the kidneys to retain fluids. Liver disease in the advanced stage will also create a swollen liver as it holds fluids and salts. A physician can rule out kidney disease if the swelling is localized as the entire body is affected by fluid retention.

How this type of kidney IgA nephropathy

Any changes that take place in urination patterns will direct a doctor to check the kidneys to look for growths. When the kidney is unable to handle an increased amount of fluid retention or fluid intake caused by alcohol or caffeine, they can swell and the patient will need to urinate more frequently than usual.


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