Do you wish to buy Changa online? If yes, before looking for it on different websites, you should know its effects and consequences.

Changa is an amalgam of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a psychedelic component, and Monoamine oxidase (MAOI), a drug used as an anti-depressant. They are infused together and made into a smokable joint.

A hallucinogen Tryptamine drug is mixed with a base of your own choice like herbs or isopropyl alcohol. The mixture is then allowed to vaporize. The residue of evaporation is used to make smokable blends like tobacco or doobie.

There are different kinds of Changa, such as Ayahuasca, but the soul components are Fantasia and MAOI.

Where was Changa originated?

Changa is believed to have a goofy and traditional origin by some Amazonian tribes. But technically, it was discovered in the early 2000s by an Australian named Julian Palmer. He infused the herbs with Ayahuasca vine, which, according to him, is the true meaning of ‘changa.’

Effects and consequences of Changa

Intake of changa can make the person drowsy and stoned. The one who intakes it has intense auditory and visual hallucinations. The drugged person experiences illusions and tends to accept what altered situation they see around them. There are increased heartbeats, rapid movement of the eyeballs, and faulty muscular coordination. But at the same time, it reduces the noise in and around your head. Overdose of changa can lead to agitation and chest tightness.

The hallucinogen Tryptamine drug, the main component of changa is illegal as it comes under Schedule 1 drug. Hence, cultivating, buying, selling, or dealing with it can be proved very risky. However, it is available on darknet, which is a cover-up for illegal activities. So check up and buy Changa online now.


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