Workwear is an extension of your brand and an important opportunity to form a press release about what your business stands for. The striped t-shirts worn by staff at Footlocker communicate even as very much like the brilliant red Workwear of Virgin Atlantic, while we all remember (and connect) with the motivating, crisp, white “team Pret” shirts are worn by the person making us coffee on the thanks to work. Furthermore, the Cruciform and the colour red uniform worn by Royal Mail show hard-working, with the caps and shorts communicating speed.

Printed workwear is an effective way to advertise your business and communicate professionalism — even an easy t-shirt, cap, or jumper are often enough to try to do this effectively. T-shirts are a standard Workwear within the tech and start-up industries.

Promote your business

Companies are always trying to find ways to stand out in the marketplace and always looking to find ways to differentiate their brand from competitors. Printing shirts may be a perfect choice to achieve this. Presenting a clean, sharp business image to the market and projecting an image that draws more clients are ways to stand out from the crowd. For these reasons, There are great bundle deals available on cheap t-shirt printing your logo to help your business stand out for all the right reasons!

Since Covid-19 staying safe and visible at the workplace has become vital for many businesses. Theres some good bundle deals on printed hi vis clothing; customisable printed hi vis vests, gilets, overtrousers, jackets, and more available for small-medium sized businesses, that represent great value.

So printing T-shirts for your staff cheaply with your logo and delivering them as workwear is a simple and effective way to create a great first impression. By choosing a quality t shirt and quality printing you’ll make sure your brand message is loud and clear.

Labourers who wearing branded industrial workwear find it easier to create rapport and relationships with their team members. There is a reason why schools have uniform policy!

So, wearing your badge/ corporate logo as a part of a team significantly heightens the affinity between team members and may help subconsciously develop team player skills too!

More Efficiency

Having your company’s name and logo on uniforms and workwear clothing gives staff a sense of responsibility. Wearing the companies brand proudly is one thing, but it also means more accountability, so working efficiently and conscientiously may be a further by-product. As there’s visual proof of the way your business corporate they work for workers are less inclined to seem to be slacking off as being reported upon is simpler.

Brand Promotion

Having your company logo displayed on all staff t-shirts makes it easier to recognise and potential customers will see your free advertising wherever your staff are out. Your brand and message will become lodged in their subconscious and in time you ought to see the advantages of more customer leads and business.

So give your staff a t-shirt that’s well-made, fits well and looks new. So when your staff wear the uniform, give it the respect it deserves. This ensures your business creates the right impression. Staff should be encouraged to look after their uniform and keep it looking sharp. They should realised that when they wear your uniform, it’s not about them, but about your business image and your brand values.

Easier to Contact

As well as your logo you can also display your company contact details; telephone number, strap line, hashtag, QR code or marketing message printed on your t shirt. This is an effective marketing tool and other people can easily store your contact details on their mobiles, when on the go if they’re trying to find your services in the future (gone are the days when customers look you up in the phone book, so make it super easy for them to contact you!

Workwear is something every business should consider. However there are many industries where it can make a huge difference. Personalised t shirts or branded protective clothing project a workwear image of your company and your staff, particularly working outdoors, in construction, events, couriers and hospitality where having easy-to-spot staff is pretty important.


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