Planning to go on a birding trip to Yunnan? Birding is not like camping or trekking, you need to know the proper equipment to take on a trip to make it a memorable one. Are you going on  China Birding Tours to spend some quality time with your family members? Or, is it an educational tour? Knowing the purpose of your tour is also important to consider before packing.


It’s important, though, to properly pack your equipment to keep it secure and avoid baggage problems. When you start packing don’t forget to consider the following things mentioned below.

Take Your Camera with You

Even amateur pictures may help recognize birds if they are not taken by an expert. This is especially important if you’re birding in a foreign location or witnessing birds you’ve never seen before, so don’t forget your camera. Bring along spare photo batteries, memory cards, cleaning tools, and any other camera equipment you may need on your trip.

Bring Proper Clothing

Birding attire is sometimes very different from what you may wear while traveling, dining out, during a party, or even just visiting relatives. As you prepare for your Birding Tours 2021&2022, consider the habitats you will be seeing and the weather conditions you will be experiencing to select the most comfortable clothing. Don’t forget a birdwatching cap and sturdy shoes.

What to Buy When Needed

Save baggage space by not packing for every eventuality. Spending money on items that you don’t need might save you space. Some of these items may not be required as much as you first thought, depending on the conditions of your birding trip.


Digitize Your Business

A tablet or smartphone is a great alternative to lugging along a bunch of field guides and notes. In addition to the national and provincial field guides, there are several great birding and bird-watching apps available. Aside from saving space in your suitcase, using technology instead of books and paper will allow you to pack more efficiently.


Keep The Gears Safe

The loss of a set of costly binoculars, a camera, or a beloved field guide may be heartbreaking if the luggage is lost or damaged. The good news is that there are simple ways to keep your stuff secure from travel disasters.


  • Carry-on or hand baggage is the best way to go if you have pricey or fragile equipment or anything that cannot be readily replaced.


  • Keep your field guide with you on the road so you can familiarise yourself with the species you expect to see.


  • Avoid unexpected drops or jarring by packing your optics in the center of your baggage and wearing clothes to cushion them.


  • If you have pricey equipment, keep a separate list of serial numbers and other identifying features for it. If your gear is lost or stolen, this information will be crucial in assisting with the recovery or compensation of your equipment.


  • A sturdy suitcase that can survive regular travel without warping or breaking, so this kind of luggage is a wise investment. Included are appropriate baggage locks and luggage identification badges.


Deciding what birdwatching gear to take on your birding vacation may be a nuisance. To be well-prepared for a birding trip without overloading your luggage or endangering expensive equipment, it is necessary to pack thoughtfully and make wise decisions.


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