The specifics of Abaya differ according to who the worm is, just like every other outfit. Abayas are not similar for young girls, teens, young and adult women. The design and type of Abaya depend also on the seriousness of the moral values of the family. Women from conservative families still wear plain cloak dresses that are closed to full. Women also wear abayas with rich sticks, crystals, perks, or valuable stones in communities with more comfortable morals. The casual abaya design dresses are highly preferred by girls and young women. Further, the bright abayas as sometimes the shape of a long silk dress. They can be buttoned in the front or zipped off. In fact, there are simple abaya designs for regular wear and abayas for gala activities, such as marriage and other important functions as well.

People do not know exactly the reason for the emergence of the abaya yet they know that it will always be used as trendy and favorite clothing by the women in Persian Gulf countries. The emblem of the Arab republic, a source of pride, is now the abaya in the Persian Gulf. It is a female’s position that reveals their prejudice towards one of the earth’s older cultures. Women love their jewelry and make it an important part of their outfit. In history, in the absence of branches, women held all their prices in terms of absence. Anything women wear, except gold price silver straps, pinches, rings, anklets, etc.


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