Contemporary architecture is a style that has been around for decades, and it’s one of the most popular styles in modern times. The style aims to create harmonious environments that are both functional and sleek. It is generally characterized by non-linear and unadorned structures, such as oversized windows, strategic use of open floor plans that allow rooms to flow together in an effortless way. Premium developers are offering such contemporary architecture in their upcoming realty projects in Kolkata.

Where is it applicable?

There is a contemporary architecture trend that can be seen in all types of buildings, from homes and commercial spaces to libraries and museums. A lot of contemporary architecture features curves, which are often used to give rooms an organic feel while adding warmth and character. The use of materials such as wood or concrete will help create this feeling because they look like natural objects rather than manufactured ones.

Features of contemporary architecture:

Contemporary architecture is one of the most popular styles in today’s world. Contemporary architecture can be described as minimalist, open and airy or clean and simple depending on the project. It has been said that there are three basic types of contemporary buildings:

  • Minimalist – characterized by small footprint/large volume ratios; linear or curvilinear forms; reduced ornamentation; use of white colour schemes in exterior walls (including windows) with minimal colour accents inside buildings (e.g., painting on walls); use of glass as primary material for windows instead of other materials such as wood or metal frames etc.; no columns supporting roofs or floors except where required due to structural considerations such as load distribution during earthquakes).
  • Postmodernism – characterized by abstract shapes without regard for traditional proportions. It rejects straight lines in favour of more curved lines. It mainly breaks away from processes and concepts that have become standard.

Examples of Contemporary Architectures in real life:

One of the biggest features of contemporary architecture is oversized windows. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a house without some kind of glass wall or large window in the front façade. These windows allow for natural light and views of the outdoors, which can be used to create interesting focal points for interior spaces as well as exterior ones like balconies or terraces. It allows more flexibility when it comes to designing interiors.

Opening up an entire floor plan by eliminating walls altogether is a way to make guests feel like they belong to the whole space. Open floor plans also allow for more flexibility when it comes time to entertain guests because they offer multiple locations where you can host parties and other gatherings. The Strategic use of open floor plans is another element, allowing rooms to flow together in an effortless way. This can be seen in the living room or family room arrangement.

In these spaces, all parts of the house are connected by a central area or space that allows for easy movement between rooms and activities at different times throughout the day. Open floor plans are great for entertaining because they make it easy to add additional seating areas if needed; however, this may mean sacrificing some privacy if you choose not to add any walls around your home’s perimeter.
Another important example of contemporary architecture is flat roofs. Flat roofs are distinctive, with wide overhangs to protect interiors while also bringing the outdoors into the home. Flat roofs are often made from materials that are easy to maintain and they can be a good option for homes in areas with heavy rainfall.

Clean lines and sheer, immaculate finishes are another characteristic of contemporary architecture. In this case, clean is a relative term: it means simplicity in its design and construction.

Contemporary architecture often makes use of natural materials such as stone, wood and glass. Natural materials are used to create a sense of calm and serenity that is so important in today’s modern world. They also provide warmth, luxury, authenticity and character to the space they inhabit. This can be seen as one of the most important aspects when choosing modern architecture because it creates spaces that are unique yet timelessly elegant.

It’s clear that contemporary architecture defines itself in contrast to its predecessors. It’s also clear that it has evolved from the styles we’ve seen over time, as well as some new ones like postmodernism and neo-futurism. Upcoming realty projects in Kolkata are embracing this trend to attract youth who wants to break free from rules and conditions set as standard. However, there are still many aspects of this style that are timeless, including its use of natural materials such as stone or wood. As long as you have good taste and know what kind of house or space you want to build, then this trend could be right for you!


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