Crossdressing refers to the act of wearing objects or accessories of clothing not associated with one’s own sex. This is often used for the sake of disguise, comfort, and self-expression. Cross-dressing indicates cisgender, heterosexual men who wear clothes and accessories that are usually considered feminine or associated merely with women. People crossdress for a variety of various reasons, which include fun, political motives, sexual reasons, or entertainment purposes. However, women crossdressing men are not considered a pathological process, but crossdressers face criticism and societal backlash for resisting gendered expectations.

Cross Dressing- accepting the new trend sportively 

There are various kinds and reasons for cross-dressing which have been developed over time. First is gender disguise; here, women and girls behave like women, and men and boys behave like females. Women have exclusively more cross-dressed men by taking up male-dominated or male-exclusive professions. The second is in theatre and performance. Many a time, single-sex theatrical troupes have performers who have to cross-dress to the opposite sex for either the fulfillment of the required role or to have a comic effect. Drag is a unique form of performance art based on the act of cross-dressing. The use of characters includes drag queen, faux king, and drag king. Thirdly, transvestic fetishists are crossdressers for sexual purposes, which usually include heterosexual men. Lastly, crossdressers who project the complete impression of belonging to another gender, including the mannerisms, speech patterns, and sexual characteristics, are referred to as passers.

Accessories for Cross Dressers

Clothes used for cross-dressing include women wearing trousers, men wearing a skirt like clothes such as kilt or sarong. Women breast bind to play a male character. Usually, it is seen that society permits women to cross-dress when they wear shirts, pants, jeans, but on the contrary, it condemns men who have the inherent desire to wear women’s clothing. It is socially acceptable for women in most countries to wear male attire and adapt their behaviors and mannerisms, including hairstyles. This behavior of women cross-dressing men can be further encouraged and stimulated.

 Women are allowed to do whatever they want to do

Women are synthesized to ‘think and act ‘like males to allow them to succeed better in all spheres of their lives. However, nowadays, male clothing is considered gender-neutral to put a strong point forward about cross-dressing. There should be no restrictions for women to come out the way to come out.


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