The most modern technology in hair transplant procedure is surely the DHI transplant process. This is one of the most unique and innovative techniques that allows hair to be transplanted with completely natural-looking hair. Previously during a hair transplant process, the patient’s entire head would be properly shaved off.

However, this is not required in the DHI method as this technique uses a very well-defined implant known as a Choi Pen. This Choi pen is a unique medical tool with a basic diameter of 1mm or less. This article explores the possible benefits of getting a hair transplant in Istanbul through DHI.

How is the DHI hair transplant applied?

The DHI method is popularly known as a method that is processed without shaving the patient’s head. It is a bit different from the FUE technique regarding the implantation technique. Mostly, the hair follicles here are taken from the donor area and implanted to the recipient area with the help of a specialized instrument. This is the basic reason why it is called the DHI process. The Choi or the implanter uses a fine line for each insertion. The DHI method also uses a specialized tool for better angle, depth, and direction.

Advantages of getting this treatment:

It is crucial that you are aware of the benefits well in advance before investing in treatment. So, let’s explore the advantages of getting this treatment done.

No Actual Scars:

One of the proven reasons you need to invest in the DHI treatment is that it provides a complete scar-free appearance, unlike other techniques. Popular techniques like FUSS and FUE can leave behind small micro scars along the hairline. In the case of FUE treatment, these scars can be very clearly noted, as in most cases, the extracted hairs are extremely close to one another.

Additionally, the DHI method is performed with a basic distribution formed approach to align with the rest of the hair. This is performed so that there is no need for any previous cuts or scars to occur at all.

Naturally Guaranteed Results:

The DHI method is used with the help of the Cho pen to enhance the direct hair transplantation with perfect control and direction. Each hair is grafted with the help of complete technical assistance and guarantees the most natural look possible. A big reason most people try to avoid the investment in hair transplantation is that it will look a bit unnatural. In reality, if you can get the DHI method through the help of Dr. Serkan Aygin, the entire transplant will give you a hundred percent natural look. Further, as the entire process does not involve any stitches, the procedure appears to be completely natural with an enhanced result.

Highest Quality Of Grafts:

One of the best advantages of the DHI method is that it gives you a much higher survival rate for the hair follicles. The reason for the same is that most hair follicles tend to remain outside shorter than other techniques. Thereby, the very possibility of damaging the hair follicles reduces significantly. Once the follicle’s removing process is completed, it can be kept in a solution not to spoil it. It can be immediately implanted in the exact area without any delay. The survival rate and accuracy in the DHI method are as high as 99 percent making it one of the most effective processes.

Very Limited Damage To Hair:

When you decide on investing in the DHI method, it helps decrease the damage to the hair grafts and the other existing hair follicles. The Choi pen in this technique helps to keep the hairs at a perfect length. Additionally, the overall length of the hair is also maintained unlike other processes where there is always a need to keep the hair shorter.

Reduced Recovery Time:

The overall time required for the DHI method is way shorter and more effective than any other method. There are almost no stitches involved in this process, making the entire look appear as natural as possible. Thereby, if you decide to get this treatment, you can go back to doing your daily work life without any challenge at all. This way, you can get your dream hair look and not hamper your work life.

The bottom line is that DHI is one of the most proven and effective methods of all time for a natural-looking hair transplant.

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