A tidy house with everything in place is certainly a calming sight, but it goes pretty overwhelming when you have a lot of things to declutter. Not everyone can manage adequate time to keep home spick and span, but those who purge out their living space on a regular basis often enjoy a stress-free life, believes psychologists. Here’s how it helps:

  1. Relieves Stress

According to a research, women with high cortisol (stress hormones) level have their houses are cluttered. While for many it’s purely co-incidental, psychologists have different notion on this. It’s more strengthened when it’s found that the women who were more comfortable and happy have organized houses. Thus, cleaning your home can be directly linked with a healthy body, getting apt nutrition and better sleep, building your immune system, and being more active.

  1. Accentuates Productivity

Cleaning your home helps in de-stressing in a more organized and systematic manner. According to a Princeton Study, a clean and tidy interior also helps in purging out negativity. It clears off clutter and dirt and thus deck up your home with better light.

  1. Ensure Social Confidence

According to Mrs. Palekar, the owner of a 3 BHK flat near Science City, having a clean and tidy home is extremely satisfying. With a tidy home you have all the confidence to invite guests and showing off your happy abode.

  1. Purges out Negative Thoughts

Psychologists believe that tidying up your living space also tidies up your mind. While a messy room is the visual manifestation of a disorganized mental state, similarly a clear space suggests an unambiguous mind. Cleaning up your space purges out negative thoughts and promotes positivity in your life.

In her celebrated publication, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, Marie Kondo reflects on the profound psychological benefits of tidying up your space. The moment you start tidying up, you are somewhat compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will begin to change.” So, if you want to bring a change to your life, take a break from your everyday routine and go ahead with cleaning and organizing your space and start a new life all over again. It’s energizing and rejuvenate a drooping spirit.

  1. 5. Improves your Health

Making a messy place orderly impacts your health on a positive way. Cutting down the clutter around can impact your mind and the process of cleaning for an extended period of time helps you offload some of your calories. From studies, it has been found that those who have cluttered bedrooms full of their hoardings take a long time to fall asleep and their sleep quality is also poor enough. On the other hand, a tidied up space comes with a positive effect on your health. Also, a clean and organized place eliminates bacteria and viruses that might compromise your health.

Cleaning a messy room can be overwhelming, but then a cluttered space can be depressing too. It affects your mental health and subjects you to depression. Hence, psychologists often suggest to carry out home cleaning on regular intervals in order to banish the unyielding stress.


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