Different vehicles are supportive of different self-driving speeds, and are mostly defined on a scale of 0-5 by researchers.

Level 0: All main processes are human-controlled.

Level 1: Such devices can be operated by the vehicle, one at a time, such as cruise control or automatic braking.

Level 2: The vehicle has at least two simultaneous automatic features, such as accelerating and steering, but allows people to run safely.

Level 3: All safety-critical tasks can be handled by the vehicle under such circumstances, but when notified, the driver is supposed to take over.

Level 4: In some driving situations, the vehicle is completely autonomous, but not always

Level 5: In any case, the vehicle is fully capable of self-driving.

How they work

Big vehicle manufacturers, researchers, and technology firms have suggested different self-driving technologies. Although architecture specifics vary, most self-driving vehicles, based on a large variety of sensors, such as radar, build and retain an internal map of their world. Car hire in Kigali like Rwanda Includes arranging self-drive journeys, guided safaris in Rwanda, driver hire, long-term car rental in rwanda, conference transport, city tours and airport transfers to & from Kigali Airport, we provide a range of car hire services. You have come to the right place to prepare to visit a national park, remote destination or popular local tourist attraction somewhere in Rwanda and still wonder how to get where you are going. Our drivers are well qualified, experienced with secure driving licenses with strong knowledge of routes and attractions, and all our rental cars are in good shape, always serviced after each road trip to ensure that you have a service for every penny you spend.


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