Affecting people life in numerous ways on an international basis, the COVID – 19 also known as corona virus have taken a toll on people’s mental and physical health. However, with people being quarantine ending up in processing a lot of unnecessary news and information related to the corona virus pandemic, which is harmful. This curiosity for the corona virus is understandable however, now resulting in processing disability. This is mainly due to the processing of a lot of information and all the confusing messages.

Dipak Nnandi MD a psychiatrist who has being part of the healthcare domain for more than a decade and is currently working on corona virus patient & providing mental health treatment also said: “mental health is equally important and people in this time of crisis should not only eliminated all the unnecessary information but also Practicing meditation and follow regular day to day normal routine.”

Catering to all the mental and physical needs, telemedicine is the ideal platform in this time of crisis like COVID – 19. Emerging as a potential filter, the telemedicine platform not only providing services to patients who need them within the comfort of their home but also saving a lot of patient’s time and money.

In fact, seeing the advantage the telemedicine platform is providing for helping physicians and patients connect effortlessly in this corona virus crisis, the government gave the department of health and human services waive some of the restriction; which was long imposed with the telemedicine rules around Medicare coverage for telehealth.

Removing the risk of waiting, patients with the help of telemedicine platform, in fact, can easily access sub-specialties physicians too.  Flattening the curve of spreading the corona virus, the telemedicine platform can lighten the burden on hospital systems and also be part of the healthcare industry in the near future even after the corona virus.


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