According to a recent survey, in the healthcare industry payment is one of the biggest revenue cycle challenges which is faced by more than 94% of healthcare practices at some point in time. In fact, the survey which is done by the Medical Group Management Association also reported other revenue cycle issues like being denials, handling complex prior authorization and staffing issues which is also a matter of concern for many healthcare practices.

Furthermore, today with changing billing rules and regulations and changing coding rules patient miscommunication further complicates the revenue cycle practices of the billing even more; making it essential for a healthcare practice to opt for the seamless operational extension that not only can handle your revenue cycle management (RCM) efficiently but also eliminating all the billing challenges saving both times as well as money.

Opting for an operational extension for managing your revenue cycle management today is in fact key towards reducing the days in accounts receivable (A/R) and having an efficient billing transaction at a cost-effective rate.

Helping you to spend more time on the patients’ care outsourcing RCM further helps in saving the time of a doctor and other staff for the upliftment of the patient, outsourcing further aids in not letting the physicians waste their time in checking if the bills are paid on time or if the necessary software has been updated or not.

Helping you with consistent cash flow, with continuous follow-up and checks to help you get a clear and seamless billing process on time.

In fact, Dr. Dipak Nandi, who is also a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, A proud member of the prestigious AIIMS alumni, and a board-certified psychiatrist; today has been involved across the United States and India with key strategic initiatives in healthcare services like medical billing and telemedicine who in this pandemic seeing an increasing growth and demand in the mental illness observed outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management today in this struggling time is in fact key to seamless billing management and a way to save both time and money. Helping you focus more on your core duties of patient care management, Outsourcing your RCM today is a solution towards better billing management.


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