A private number plate definitely adds oomph to a car. Many people get bored with normal registration plates and prefer to attach a personalized number plate to make the car reflect better. Various other reasons are also there like matching the number plate with the business brand and use it as a marketing tool, memory of a loved one, etc. Whatever it is, with a new private number plate comes the insurance factor.

You must inform your insurance agency that you have taken a new private registration number plate. In case, you fail to do it, you may face trouble in the future concerning any kind of loss of your vehicle or the number plate. Most of the insurers do not view any change regarding the modification of the number plate as well as the cost of insurance. But, different insurance companies work differently and you may have to pay hidden costs later. Therefore, it will be a wise decision if you inform your insurer about your private number plate.

Is there any payment required for car insurance if you take a new number plate?

Usually, any alteration in the registration number is not considered as a modification. It is merely a means of identification and hence, it is expected zero change in car insurance. But, you must be aware that policy can be different according to the industries. Hence, do not take any chance by not telling your insurers about the number plate change.

It is quite possible for some insurers to feel that personalized registration plates raise the vehicle’s attractiveness and thieves can try to steal it. Hence, attaching a personalized number plate can be considered a premium.

On the contrary, some insurers can think that thieves will stay away from a car with a private number plate as it is extremely easy to track.

Additionally, if the admin of the registration number change is concerned, then there can be a discrepancy between various insurance companies. There are certain companies that can levy an admin fee. It is still arguable as approximately £11 million had been spent on the private registration number plate in the year 2017.

Go through your existing policy:

The cost of private registration number change can vary. People won’t mind spending thousands of pounds for registering their favorite number plate. Therefore, if you are also considering changing your car’s number plate, kindly do think about the potential impact of that number plate if, by any means, the vehicle gets damaged, meets an accident, or gets stolen. The insurance agency can take over the vehicle and its registration plate’s ownership when you will claim for the vehicle’s cost.

There are a few policies that cover the loss of private number plates. The amount covered may vary. You may get saved from paying any extra to the insurer if any mishap happens to your vehicle and the number plate. Private number plates can be scrapped, lost, or stolen. Moreover, the insurers may have to submit a letter of non-interest in the particular license plate to the DVLA for letting you reclaim your registration.

Again, you may also wish to obtain a letter of non-interest from the respective insurance agency during the time of informing the insurers about your newly purchased registration number. It works as a precaution against any future issues.

Final suggestion:

Private registration numbers are highly popular and loved by millions of people worldwide. If you are changing your existing number plate with a new private number plate, then inform the DVLA and your insurance agency without failing. Though the changing of number plate doesn’t mean increased insurance costs, yet you must not forget that every insurance company operates in a different way. It is advisable to discuss your new registration number with your insurer before purchasing it. It will let you know about the potential implications related to your premiums of car insurance along with the definite process of retaining the registration if there happens an incident that involves your vehicle. It will be favorable for you if you get the required knowledge in advance for avoiding the unwanted mess.


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