In general, vehicle insurance has a direct connection with mileage and postcode. But, you must know that the private number plate that you own has an impact too. Again, if you are planning to invest in a private number plate, then you should be aware of the connected insurance.

Things that are mandatory for you:

When you purchase a new private number plate for your car or bike, you must assign that plate to the specific vehicle and simultaneously inform the insurer as well as the DVLA without any delay.

If you don’t inform your insurer and face an accident later, you can encounter a big issue as your car with a unique number plate is not insured properly.

Most of the people are concerned about one thing:

Does a personalized number plate raise the cost of the insurance quote?

There is no cost associated with changing your registration number plate in general. But, the entire thing depends completely on the insurer provider. Each insurance company operates in a different way.

Most insurers think that a private number plate is not a vehicle modification. Rather, it is a simple identifying medium of the vehicle. Hence, no added cost should be charged.

Always be on the safe side and check with your respective insurer if you are not sure what is covered or included in your distinct policy. It will save you from spending unnecessary money. Be confident that your private number plate is covered in your policy package.

Remember that you may face unwanted circumstances for failing to ensure your vehicle:

· Having your car destroyed or wheel clamped

· A penalty of £100

· Court prosecution

· Maximum fine of £1,000

Get a letter of no interest from your insurance company:

When you have changed your number plate and attached a new one, you should inform your insurer about the change and ask for a letter from the particular company with the confirmation that they have zero interest in the new license plate.

You have to be sure that if your vehicle attached with the new private number plate is stolen, you will get your number plate back in a safe manner. In certain cases, if your car is stolen, the insurance company pays an amount to your bank account. It means that your insurer owns the particular vehicle along with everything attached to it.

If the recovery of the vehicle can be done safely, there arises a possibility that the company will agree to sell the car back to you against a fee. The company has no obligation though. Hence, it is best if you obtain an agreement earlier that will guarantee you that your private number plate will return to you if your car is stolen, met an accident, or meet any unwanted circumstances.

Little impact or large impact or no impact: Which one is correct?

A private number plate lays little impact on your insurance cost. Again, your car’s value, your address, etc. play a big role. Professional thieves can tell how old your car is just by looking at the number plate it boasts.

For example, a car carrying a private number plate that reads LM67 AKZ makes it clear that the particular vehicle was constructed in the year 2017. New cars attract thieves more than old ones.

Moreover, your insurer may charge an admin fee from you for reporting an alteration in registration on the particular vehicle. It is because they have to make their records updated.


You must prove your ownership. You need to show that you have changed your vehicle’s registration legally and you are the owner of the car with the changed registration number. By informing your insurer about the modification of the registration number plate, you can safeguard your claim for the vehicle’s full value in case it is stolen. If your insurance policy includes the loss of private number plates, you can recover the cost of the number plate as well. Lastly, if you inform your insurer about your new private number plate on time, you can keep your number plate or transfer it to another car later in any circumstances. Just get the letter from your insurance company where they must mention that they hold no interest in your private number plate.


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