Are you new to the polo shirt world? If yes, then you must know about several keys of dos and don’ts. The Irish polo shirts are quite popular for their comfort and versatility. When compared to a standard t-shirt, they will give you more styles. Also, they offer the leisure of not having to iron the wrinkles. You can wear them easily anywhere and on any occasion. Be sure to buy the polo shirts that are Handmade in New York. As they are specially handcrafted, they help to heighten your outlook. Here are the dos and don’ts of polo shirt fashion.

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Be sure to do the below things properly while wearing the polo shirts.

Think Beyond Jeans

The combination of polo shirts with jeans looks amazing. But you can find ample ways to style your shirt. Therefore, don’t limit yourself and try something more to enhance your personality. You can pair the shirts with joggers, shorts, formal trousers, and more casual outfits. Feel free to expand your horizon and wear them by matching with various choices.

Do Wear Polo Fitted,

You must pay attention to the two major areas of your polo – the arms and waist. The shirt’s waist should fit as a comfortable t-shirt does. Then skimming your body with sufficient room for movement without becoming loose. Also, watch out for polos where the sleeve cuffs go down.


Avoid doing the below things to make your polo shirt styling look unique.

Don’t Choose The Collars That Are Very Big Or Too Small

When you select the Irish Polo with a very small collar, then it looks like the Henley. If you opt for polo with a large collar, will end up giving a costume appearance. So, be sure to choose the shirt that has the classic collar that is a baseline of the polo fashion.

Don’t Pop Up Your Collar

The popping-up collar of the polo shirt is over, and it won’t come back anymore. Prefer to use sunscreen for neck protection and don’t pop up in the first place. This habit is completely wrong and it won’t suit the polo shirts.

Don’t Pair It With Formals

Although the polo shirts can be dressed up well, you shouldn’t wear them as a replacement for the shirt. Only wear it with a suit if the occasion is smart casual. Don’t wear it with a tie and tuck it into the shorts. It won’t bring the perfect look and make you seem unpleasant.

Bottom Lines

Keep all the above things in your mind while preferring to wear polo shirts. Ensure to follow all of them and match them with casual outfits. Avoid wearing them for formals and buy a branded shirt that lasts for longer.

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