Will it be easy to mitigate financial losses and increase businesses post-pandemic?

Well, this is where business leaders and business strategists come into play.

A business strategist plays smart, makes smart decisions, understands the organization’s position, who are you in the present market, what role do you play, and who are your competitors.

Behind the label: can we trust certification to give us fairer products?

The Senior Business Strategy Professional (SBSP™) certification program offered by The Strategy Institute (TSI) provides expertise in business strategy. This certification program can teach you how to handle the complexity of the business and how to pivot rapidly into the changes underway.

No matter how digitalized the businesses are, companies need to look beyond the liquidity issues caused due to COVID-19.

A senior business strategist possesses the skills and capability to build a conceptual framework that can help you interpret business strategy as a tool to devise a new exit strategy post-pandemic.

An SBSP™ certification program acts as a criterion in the business field because of the demand amid pandemic and post-pandemic.

Here’s how you can enter the SBSP™ certification program:

Criteria #1

  • Masters or MBA graduate with 8 years of work experience

Criteria #2

  • Bachelor’s degree with 10 years of work experience

Criteria #3

  • An alumnus of TSI affiliated B-school having work experience of 5 years

Embrace the right business strategy to reframe tomorrow’s future. Earn an SBSP™ certification today!



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