The success rate of your imaging center greatly relies on how streamlined your imaging center billing infrastructure is. Unfortunately, most imaging centers encounter revenue leakage and a heightened rate of patient dissatisfaction due to billing errors. From coding errors to failure to adhere to complex payers’ guidelines, the whole imaging center billing practice is full of chaos. What makes imaging center billing a complex affair are-

  • Wrong patient information
  • Inaccurate coding
  • Delay in claim processing
  • Complex insurance guidelines
  • Poor denial management

Imaging centers often face delayed claims, an increased number of aging accounts receivable, and revenue leakage by omitting these factors. If you are looking forward to streamlining your billing process, you should know how to mitigate all those challenges-

Some effective imaging center billing strategies to boost overall practice revenue:

1) Accurate patient information and documentation:

Ensure you collect accurate and complete information about your patients. This includes demographic details, medical diagnoses, treatment plans, existing conditions, and past imaging procedures. Use an electronic health record (EHR) platform to document all this information.

2) Insurance verification:

Make sure you verify each of your patient’s insurance coverage to confirm the eligibility and benefits. It allows you to ensure that the imaging services that you are going to provide are covered by the patient’s insurance company.

3) Accurate coding:

When it comes to ensuring optimal insurance reimbursements, your team needs to have a clear understanding of imaging center coding. There are thousands of imaging center services and diagnosis codes. Any mistake in the imaging center coding process can lead your practice to experience claim denials and poor cash flow.

4) Seriously adhere to regulatory guidelines:

Both federal and private insurance companies have their own set of guidelines. Additionally, payers frequently change these guidelines, thus increasing the complexity of imaging center billing. Your billing team should always remain on top of all the latest insurance guidelines and regulations to avoid claim denials.

5) Diligent claim submission:

Submit detailed bills and documentation to insurance companies for the imaging services provided in your facility. This should include accurate patient information, service details, and proper codes for imaging procedures and diagnoses. Timely claim submission is crucial for faster reimbursement.

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6) Efficient denial management:

Have an efficient denial management plan at your disposal. Your billing team should be aware of all the potential reasons behind denials so that they avoid such mistakes to avoid claim denials.

You need a dedicated billing team to efficiently manage your administrative processes. However, building and training such a team from scratch is a time-consuming and costly proposition for most mid-sized or small imaging centers. That’s why many practices outsource their entire revenue cycle to established third-party billing services like SunKnowledge, achieving operational excellence and increased revenue by up to 80%.


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