BCA or Bachelor’s in computer application is a degree that equips its students with the advance knowledge of computer programming and code. With the rise of the digital era, a BCA degree has become more valuable than ever. With almost all aspects of the corporate world being dominated by computer technology, a BCA degree employee is now indispensable. With a degree in BCA, one can opt to be a data scientist or an app developer. A BCA degree from the Best BCA College in Kolkata or even the Best BCA College in North 24 Parganas, can guarantee placements in the most elite institutes.

Best BCA College in Kolkata

Kingston Educational Institute offers both a degree in BTech and BCA, however, there is an inherent difference between them. Both of the disciplines require a thorough knowledge of software computer programming. But, unlike Btech, BCA doesn’t require a knowledge of hardware and other machinery operations. Therefore, this makes BCA a concentrated course that focuses on excelling the software skills of a student. Kinston is one of the Best BCA College in Kolkata with expert faculty and state of the art laboratories. Being one of the best college in north 24 Parganas, Kingston also boasts of a huge campus with premium facilities for students.

There are several career opportunities with a BCA degree. As mentioned before, students with a BCA degree can be a data scientist or an app developer. But aside from these, there are other jobs like system analyst, software engineer and IT consultant. Data is the prime intellectual property in the corporate sector these days. And marketing sector of companies are always looking for data analysts to analyse market patterns. A degree from best BCA college in Kolkata or best BCA college in north 24 parganas can provide its students such opportunities to explore their skills.

Best BCA College in North 24 Parganas

If you have computer as a core subject in your 12th standard, then you shall be eligible to apply for BCA. Any of the Best BCA College in Kolkata or Best BCA College in North 24 Parganas shall have a minimum of 50% eligibility criteria, up an above any individual entrance tests. BCA syllabus includes in-depth programming knowledge along with maths and other software related skills. After graduating one can find jobs mentioned before in this blog in any corporate sector. The CTC package for a BCA degree software engineer can range from 12 to 25 Lakhs per annum.

So if you choose BCA as your degree after 12th standards, then you stand to benefit a lot from it. It is a degree which shall lead to jobs that are in high demand. Also these provides sustainable CTC packages to students who pursue them after graduation. These curtails the need for students to pursue further higher studies in their subject. Computers have become an inseparable part of our lives, from our smartphones to every other piece of digital technology, we are surrounded by computers everywhere. And having a BCA degree from the Best BCA College in Kolkata or Best BCA College in North 24 Parganas will let you harness that potential.


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