Energy-efficient smart homes are the norm of the day. According to the owner of a smart apartment in Rajarhat, energy-efficient homes are smart, stylish and elegant. But, for many homeowners, the concept of energy-efficient homes is still new. If you are planning to control the energy usage in your home, there are plenty of ways to do so. Just following the right strategies can help you check energy usage while affecting the utility bills. Moreover, cutting down energy usage reduces carbon footprints, which certainly has several health benefits. So putting the right strategies into action will reward you with effective options for controlling energy usage successfully. Here are a few ways. Check these out to get an idea.

Fluorescent lights: These are known for their energy efficiency, but from the aesthetic point of view they are a great addition to any home. Replace the old, incandescent light bulbs of your home with latest fluorescent and energy-saving bulbs. Although the initial investment for the fluorescent bulbs is somewhat higher than the normal ones, yet in the long run they pay off in a way better manner than your old bulbs. Normally these bulbs last up to two years or longer and significantly save your energy.

Energy-efficient appliances: Nowadays, a lot of energy efficient appliances are available in the market. By using these you can save 10 times less electricity than the traditional appliances. The modern day appliances, like a washing machine or fridge freezer comes with several energy-efficiency standards. A further benefit of investing in the high energy rated appliances is that they make less noise and are durable.

Avoid standby mode: Many a times, we keep a lot of electrical appliances in a standby mode. But, it is a great mistake and by doing this you are likely to waste a substantial amount of energy. Switching off all your non-active appliances you will ensure a substantial reduction in the annual utility bill. For example, you can make your computer to hibernate or sleep mode when inactive. It saves a great amount of energy.

Adjust the thermostat: It’s important to make slight adjustments with the thermostat settings; otherwise your electricity costs will grow significantly higher during the winters. Reducing the thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees is all what you require to cut costs.

A healthy home should always be energy-conscious from all aspects. Taking these necessary steps for reducing overall energy usage can also save a great deal of utility costs.


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