What is an EHR?

The term EHR stands for Electronic Health Records, which basically gives you an idea of what they are capable of but does not give you an idea of exactly everything this software can do. Essentially, an EHR these days incharge of your entire medical practice. From taking care of billing to being able to help you with managing patient appointments, you are able to do everything with your EMR software. So you might be wondering now which software you should pick considering there are so many options in the market. In this piece we will be discussing Epic EMR and AllScripts demo specifically. 

Epic EMR Features

Telehealth Solutions for All! 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of medical service providers saw a steep decline in their client base. This was because of the fear of contracting the virus at the doctor’s office or clinic since chances of interacting with an infected person were just more there. Doctors who used EMR software like Epic EMR found that they fared well since they could attend to their patients remotely. We highly recommend that you ask for an Epic demo to see this feature in action since it could essentially help you out a lot! 

RCM with Epic

If you are a small practice or an independent practice, then having RCM capabilities in your EMR software is very important. This feature helps your patient consolidate their bills that are outstanding against them and then helps them pay them back with a new payment plan. Overall, this feature helps you determine the amount of income you will be getting so you can plan everything better and have a fair idea of how your practice is going. A lot of Epic EMR reviews talk about how this feature alone is worth the Epic EMR cost. 


Interoperability for Better Treatment

Having interoperability in your software is possible through Epic EHR software. Essentially, you are added to a network of EMR/EHR users so you can figure out how certain symptoms were diagnosed and what the treatment plan was. Essentially, this feature helps you in terms of diagnosing and treating your patient better. 


AllScripts EMR Features

Lab Integration for Easy Access

One of the best features in AllScripts Demo is the feature which allows for lab results to both be ordered and delivered directly to your EMR software. This helps by making sure that the software receives patient test results as soon as they are made available so you can review them and diagnose and treat the patient better. Overall, this AllScripts EMR feature makes the software very much worth it. 


Referrals in Mere Seconds

One feature in AllScripts EHR software that we read about time and again in AllScripts EMR reviews is the referral feature which according to a lot of users is worth the AllScripts EMR pricing on its own! The feature allows for you to refer the patient to another physician in no time at all. It also helps you send over their files and any other pertinent information you might have on them to them in a matter of seconds. No longer do you have to wait for referrals to be made and confirmed before you could send files over; everything happens immediately. 


Make the Perfect Schedule 

Having AllScripts EMR will show you that this software is very helpful when making appointments for your patients. Overall, this software makes sure that it adds the appointment in, and sends reminders via both text and email to the patient. This means there is a smaller chance of having no-shows since they will have been reminded of their appointment. This is another feature which is beloved in a lot of AllScripts EHR reviews. We still suggest doing your own research into these software as well before committing to them. 

Which EMR Software Should you Invest in? 

Having read both features of Epic EMR and AllScripts EMR software you are probably wondering which one of the two we recommend to you to purchase. However, we cannot make the choice for you. What we suggest is making a list of all the features you would hope to have in an EMR software. Once you have done this, you can match the list to different EMRs in the market to see which one would fit your needs the best. This could be Epic EMR or AllScripts EMR; it does not matter. Other than this, you can also read up on Allscript EMR and Epic EMR reviews to see which one is more highly recommended by users. And finally, we ask you to get both an Epic demo and an AllScripts demo to see both the software in action so you can decide which of these two suits your needs more than the other! We hope these tips will help you figure out a good EMR fit for your medical practice! 


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