Do you keep on hearing about epoxy countertops frequently?

Why is the epoxy countertop gaining this fame?

So you know what exactly epoxy countertop is?

House is the dearest place to every house owner. They have constant efforts to give their house a unique look. To make their home look different and aesthetic, they are ready to give a chance to everything that has good reviews.

When people remodel their house, the first that they focus on is their kitchen. Kitchens can be designed in any custom way to please the homeowner but choosing the best countertop for the kitchen is the trickiest part. There are many types of countertops available globally, but epoxy countertops have gained tremendous recognition in the last decade.

Epoxy Countertops

Many people are using epoxy countertops for a long time and have positive reviews, but there is a stratum of the population that is oblivion to this category of countertops. This will be a detailed guide for epoxy countertops that would help people who are thinking of giving their kitchen a distinctive look with something new.

History of Epoxy Countertops

For the first time, epoxy countertops were synthesized in the 1900s by Russian chemists. Primarily, the epoxy was used as a primer; then, it was used to protect and repair the items used on ships. After some time, epoxy was recognized as a structural adhesive, and then it was found useful as glue for various tools used in the aerospace industry.

After all these years, today, epoxy has formed its space in your kitchen, bathroom, and floor as a valuable countertop.

Why are Epoxy Countertops gaining huge Recognition?

• Epoxy countertops have thermosetting resins creating tight linked polymer structures the eventually form proper adhesion and increases the toughness.
• It is perfect for both commercial and residential use.
• Its lack of chemicals makes it user-friendly and durable.
• The primary reason for the epoxy countertop’s popularity is, they are cost-effective.

What are the Benefits of using Epoxy Countertops?

• Shiny: For people who like super-shiny surfaces, an Epoxy Countertop is especially for them. The color of the surface remains the same for years, but you can use periodic mineral oil applications if you want to maintain it for longer.

• Available in Many Designs: Epoxy Countertops give you the freedom to add your flavor to the kitchen. You can use any color or design you wish to have in your kitchen.

• Easily Cleanable: To ensure a safe and clean place to prepare food, you can use any cleaning product on an epoxy countertop without damaging it. The countertop is non-porous, which makes the surface resistant to the growth of molds and bacteria.

• Nontoxic: The hard surface of the slab sometimes contains chemicals that are toxic and not good for food. Once the epoxy resin has been used as a refinishing product, it works as the layer and makes the surface nontoxic and safe for food.

How Can You Put Epoxy Countertops?

There are two ways to put epoxy countertops in the kitchen. The first is the traditional custom method, and the other is DIY (Do It Yourself).

• Custom Method: In this method, you involve the professionals. They select and mix the most relevant color of epoxy that would match your kitchen. In this method, you receive the epoxy countertops that are prepared from scratch. The professional will bring it to your place, already prepared, and fix it properly in a professional manner.

• DIY: In this method, the homeowners have full freedom to create a product of their interest. They have to make everything from scratch and take charge of the whole process. Doing everything by themselves gives them the liberty to add some creativity.

No doubt, DIY will be a fun experience, but the epoxy countertop you fix does not give a professional look. Also, it consumes a lot of time, and the mess might get intolerable. The whole process may get frustrating after some time.

Bottom Line

Epoxy Countertops are not new. They have existed among adhesives and other materials for hundreds of years. If you want to bring this ancient countertop to your kitchen and want to buy it online from the best-rated website, The Furniture Phoenix would be an appropriate choice.


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