The primary considerations while buying a residential apartment often include location and budget preference of the buyer. But modern life demands something more. The housing society must provide a pleasing neighbourhood and access to some basic lifestyle amenities without which it’s difficult to lead a comfortable life. Top Builders in Kolkata are coming up with thoughtfully designed housing projects for all age groups where it will be easier to manage the work-life balance for its residents. Homes are no longer a place to arrive after work but an entity that helps you to leave your stress behind. The aim of modern home amenities includes bringing a sense of community and belonging among the residents, engaging them in various activities and providing them with a comfortable lifestyle.

Keeping the luxurious expectations aside, here are some amenities you should not compromise on while selecting your home in a residential complex:

  1. Open space:

After dealing with the stress of urban lifestyle and hectic work schedule, don’t we all feel like escaping into quieter spaces while getting back home? Cutting through the city’s traffic and noisy environment, all we need is a home that will provide an oasis of calm and comfort. Open spaces in apartment complexes allow the residents to partake in sports activities, walk, spend time with family or just get connected to nature more often. As it has become a benchmark of a quality lifestyle within a residential project, many new projects in South Kolkata are featuring open space as one of the primary amenities that provides the residents with a safe and secure environment for enjoying both active and passive recreational opportunities.

  1. Security System:

A home should give you a feeling of safety. Residential complexes must give priority to safety features like CCTV cameras, firefighting equipment, video door phones etc to ensure peace of mind of the residents. Fire safety equipment should be installed in common areas and fire safety drills should be conducted regularly so that the residents remain prepared in case of any fire breakouts. Proper security systems in place can prevent theft, vandalism and other heinous crimes.

  1. Kids’ Play area:

Kids these days are addicted to mobile or laptop or TV screens which are affecting their physical as well as psychological wellbeing. The scarcity of playgrounds in the city has led to a rise in obesity among children at a very young age which is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s why families with children hunt for apartment complexes with kids’ playground so that they get enough scope for outdoor activities. The kids play area serves as a safe zone for the kids to play while also serving as a great bonding place for the parents.

  1. Car Parking:

Parking facility is mandatory in residential housing projects. The housing complex must have a wide and spacious parking facility available to avoid any chaos. Independent housing localities often face a lot of trouble regarding parking space. Residential communities with reserved parking area ensure increased safety and security of your vehicle. Moreover, you don’t have to battle with your fellow residents as there will be a reserved parking spot for you in your housing society.

  1. Gymnasium:

Unhealthy lifestyle is giving rise to more and more fitness centres across cities. But having a gymnasium within the apartment complex has a number of advantages. Most people fail to achieve their fitness goals as they feel too tired to go to the gym after a long day at work or too lazy to wake up in the morning and cover a certain distance to reach the gym. Having a gym within the complex means you will no longer have an excuse to skip your workout. People from the same residential complex exercising together also create a sense of community which will give you another good reason to hit the gym every day.



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