Buying a new bike is often a milestone event that is celebrated with great fervor. When the vehicle is new, people usually put in their best efforts to maintain the bike but as the excitement dies down, the willingness to maintain the vehicle in pristine condition also takes a back seat. However, it is important to remember that just like any other machine, the two-wheeler too needs regular maintenance in order to keep performing well. 

I’m a bike enthusiast from MP. Riding long distance on bike is something I enjoy thoroughly. A few months ago, I went to a long road trip when my bike brake shoes were creating a scraping noise. Bikes giving trouble in the middle of the way is a matter of real concern. It could be avoided by maintaining the bike regularly. I was left searching for genuine 2 wheeler spare parts in Madhya Pradesh where all the necessary spare parts can be easily available for regular maintenance.

Here are some essential two wheeler maintenance tips that I have tried to put together.

Regular inspection of tyres

The bike tyres go through a lot of wear and tear and as such it is important to inspect them regularly. Apart from the air pressure in the tyres, it is important to check the threads as well as the rim to ensure that the vehicle can run perfectly well even at top speed. 

Assessment of the Engine Oil: 

All automobile owners should be extremely conscious about the engine oil as it is as good as the vehicle’s blood. The engine oil not only keeps the engine well lubricated, it also has a cooling effect, which is essential for the longevity of the engine.

Cleaning of the air filter: 

The air filters work like the lungs of the vehicle. These facilitate adequate air intake and fuel combustion. The air filters must be cleansed at regular intervals so dust and grime does not settle on the mesh blocking the movement of air. Cleaning the air filter is a very simple maintenance routine that all of us can do at regular intervals.  

Clutch and gear adjustment: 

The clutch plays a very important role in the overall functioning of a bike. The clutch has to be applied every time the rider needs to change gears. It is as such important to ensure that they are serviced well from time to time so the clutch plate does not get damaged from over tightening and the system works smoothly. Regular maintenance of the clutch and gear also improves the riding comfort as well as fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Engine maintenance:  

The engine, which is the heart of the vehicle, also needs regular maintenance to perform well. The tuning should be adjusted, the carburetor cleaned and the gaps of the spark plugs set correctly in order to enhance the engine’s performance. Regular maintenance not only increases the engine’s life, also enhances the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Cleaning the bike: 

An expert mechanic associated with the shop from where I buy 2 wheeler spare parts in Madhya Pradesh gave me some amazing tips on how to clean the bike properly. He advised that before cleaning the vehicle with water, it is very important to cover the silencer, switch unit and HT coil, preferably with a plastic cover. Also, cleaning agents like shampoos should be avoided while cleaning a bike. Apparently, microfiber cloths, which we ideally use for our glasses are best for cleaning the bike’s surface too.

Apart from all the above mentioned efforts, riding the bike at a controlled speed, parking it properly as well as keeping the vehicle covered when not in use – are a few measures that must be taken in order to maintain a bike in pristine condition for years together. 


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