A construction company that is based out of Norton New Brunswick, Gable enterprises specializes in construction supplies in NB and designing as well as making roof trusses in Norton.

It initially started off as a company that handled the construction of houses from scratch and then transitioned to engineering roof trusses. As time passed, Gable realized how they excelled in the niche of engineered wood products like roof trusses, wall paneling, floor systems as well as beams and columns in New Brunswick.

Work in earlier days was done using skill saws and measurements were done by hand. In the modern era, computers are being used to design the products and this has led to an increased efficiency in getting the products to customers on time. The skill saws have also been replaced by automated machines and saws that adjust the measurements as laser imaging guides the final assembly of products.

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Products offered by Gable enterprises in Norton include:

Roof Trusses – A highly engineered component of houses across North America, Roof trusses are lumber pieces that are connected by metal plates to form a web that supports a roof structure. Gable enterprises Roof trusses are popular across New Brunswick.

Wall Panels – Norton New Brunswick wall panels serve as the exposed and visible covering for a wall that may be finished on one or both sides and are usually flat and cut into a rectangular shape.

LVL Beams – LVL stands for Laminated Veneer Lumber and LVL beams for support in buildings are engineered pieces of multiple layered wood with adhesives. The composite nature of LVL beams make them durable and resistant to warping, twisting, bowing, and shrinking.

Other products on offer by Gable in Norton are Logix ICF, Steel roofing and floor systems.

Gable also offers services like Custom engineering, house plan design and delivery of construction material to its customers.


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