Becoming an auto mechanic is easy by enrolling in a degree program but it can also be difficult to become a great mechanic. If you have not any skill set and have no hands-on experience then you are definitely lacking in this field as it requires many mechanics to work with almost 10 hours with vehicles and repairing them. Follow through these given below tips to become a great auto mechanic.

1. Education and courses

Education is the first level which you have to cross towards a great career to be a mechanic. You can get yourself in college specializing in these types of degrees and certificates. You can get enrolled in 2 or 3 years of degree program suitable for your purpose. It will provide you all the knowledge of basics in this field. You should also gain useful insights into courses which are important for you to study like repairs and electronics. You should also build a good foundation in communication skills and mathematics. This will enhance your problem-solving skills. These are fundamental to learning.


Training or internship is the best part where you get to gain hands-on experience. You can easily get an internship if your grades are good enough along with your skillset. You can ask for recommendations around. You can also search for them around in your area and local garages. You can search for the best in your city on the internet. You should consult with your friends too regarding which option will be best for you in this field. You can go for a level 3 Mot course in Mot training center as you are already aware of basics. This training will be beneficial for you in many ways. It will provide you with a knack of solving problems on your own. It will boost your confidence level.

3. Specialization

When you get a job after getting training then after some time, you should go for mot specialization in a specific area of your field. There are auto mechanics of many types. You can easily get experience by working on many vehicles but if you want to work in a certain area then you have to get specialization. You can get it by enrolling in post-graduation programs. There are many colleges which offer it with fully-funded scholarships. You can easily enroll in one after getting experience for more than 2 to 3 years. During this time, you should develop your troubleshooting skills along with replacement of vehicles parts and their repairs.

4. Ask questions and do difficult tasks

By asking a lot of questions you can learn a lot from your seniors. You should work under their supervision. You will get to learn a lot from them. You should also try to work on different vehicles daily so that you can be aware of major parts of all. You will find them difficult to do in the start but eventually you will be proficient in doing them.


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