Many countries have been passed through many social and political changes. this has changed them in a very different way Korea is one of them. It has been evolved from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions and it to him also reflects meaning strangers there is a strong interaction. Between the natural environment and natural cultural patterns, dairy products have evicted from Korean food, and the cuisine is highly based on food grains like rice and vegetables seafood and meat traditional Korean meals have steam cook rice and other traditional foods many types of special oils are also used like the soy sauce the same an oil Antarctica many sources are used like Korean bbq sauce. The royal family still eat the traditional food with great happiness and Pride in ancient times courier was based on agriculture for the food grains but after that many other things are added up to the basic food grains like the millet Barley was used. Then started the domestication of animals and some sort of meat was added to the food which then also included the seafood with Korean bbq sauce people love seafood a lot and it is very nutritious and full of protein. Residents in Korea are very fond of being fit all over the year.

Government has taken very much steps to promote the production of food grains and other sorts of foods so as to treat the whole country many taxation policies have been made to remove the unwanted text from the production of any kind of food markets are only available in the streets of Korea with korean bbq sauce which provides the residents of the country with the fresh fruits and vegetables Korean bbq sauce is the main ingredients of the food it makes it. Most spicy and tasty people generally love a lot of spicy food and eat a lot with the opening of the Korea with other countries the whole food culture has been exchanged with the other country and now many countries like India America Canada love Korean food a lot and Korean bbq sauce is on the top priority of the people who love to eat spicy food many shops that are based on Korean cuisine have been opened in the main market of the other countries people love to eat it as it is very mouth watering and hot I had taken this food culture to another level by creating their own brand by sending and selling their own food and franchises.


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