All over the world different countries have different food traditions. Different cuisine comes from the culture and ethics of various countries among the continents. Especially, Asian countries have a very vivid flavor in their cuisine. The spices and the aroma of the food are unique in their own way. Asian cuisines are usually very colorful and a taste to remember.

And when it is about Korean food culture, the flavor is a complete game-changer the flavor is a complete game-changer. It enhances the taste of all other Korean food. The Korean bbq sauce is always paired with grilled meat, seasoned stir fry, lettuce wraps, and soups. It makes every cuisine full of flavors and a treat to your taste buds.

Korean barbecue sauce – a spread of magic to your flavors

Korean bbq sauce can be paired up with any food item such as chicken and burgers, can be added as a taste enhancer to ribs and marinade, and used as a dipping sauce for fries veggies rolls. There are some special tools and ingredients to make the Korean bbq sauce. Gochujang is said to be one of the most important ingredients in Korean cuisine. It is a kind of red chili paste that gives a sweet and spicy fermented texture to the sauce. For the thickness and more concentrated sauce, tamari gives it a more mellow texture than soy sauce. 

These two ingredients mix the sauce sticky and spicy, which is versatile enough to pair along with any grilled meat or any kind of wraps or soups. It is very easy and interesting to make, and the flavor is not only famous in Korea but also outside Korea.


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