Independent house, standalone apartment building or residential complex – deciding which can be the most suitable place to stay or invest is a daunting task. Land scarcity in cities is a prominent problem which makes land prices reaching astronomical proportions. Buying land in a prominent locality of the city and making an independent house is getting beyond the reach of the common man. So, the city has started to expand vertically.

Anita Gupta, a single woman looking for a 2 BHK apartment in Maheshtala was confused about whether she should buy a home in a standalone building or a residential complex? After all, standalone buildings are economical than the flats in residential complexes. But what about security? What about the long-cherished dream of plunging in a swimming pool after a hectic day? It’s about her first and most probably the only home she is going to invest in her lifetime. The dilemma was real and haunted her for quite some time until she came across a 2 BHK residential flat near Nangi station. Spread over 22 acres of land and equipped with all modern amenities, the 2BHK apartments in this residential complex came within a very pocket-friendly budget, it started from only 22.35 Lakhs. The project is completed and after a thorough home inspection, she looked no further.

Like Anita, why more and more people are getting interested to invest in residential complexes? Let’s find out.

  1. Safety & Security:

The primary advantage of living in housing complexes or gated communities is security. Most residential complexes have a well-guarded surrounding with gates secured by manned personnel. The complexes have many measures and initiatives in place to monitor movements within the community and allow only residents and verified guests to enter the premise. For people living alone or families with over-enthusiastic kids or aged members, staying in a housing complex is a much safer option. Staying in a complex also ensure that you enjoy your privacy and stay off the hustle-bustle of the outside world.

  1. Greater facilities:

Residential complexes come with an assortment of amenities that make life easier for the residents. From swimming pool, play area for children to indoor games arena, gymnasium, banquet hall and so on – all these amenities in one complex ensures a good living experience. Home maintenance is a significant responsibility yet a troublesome job for busy urban residents. In most residential complexes, a variety of issues in a house like electricity, plumbing, different taxes are resolved easily by paying a monthly or yearly maintenance charge. A special authoritative body takes care of all these issues freeing up more time for other important things for the residents.

  1. Upgraded lifestyle:

Living in a housing society gives you a holistic approach to life. Residential complexes are mostly situated in a locality that is close to the city yet away from the hustle-bustle of urban life. Modern complexes emphasise on open space and greenery within the premises that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also promote healthy living. The apartment layouts are usually well-planned with best features and designs. Innumerable fitness amenities, recreation options or social spaces contribute to an upgraded lifestyle for its residents.

  1. Sense of community:

Unlike standalone buildings, in residential complexes, you get to interact with different kind of people with different culture and ethnicity. That not only empowers your knowledge about people but also builds a strong sense of community. There is a lot of scope for social interaction where you might meet like-minded people who will be there for you in inconvenient situations. In complexes, the need for social interaction of every age group is fulfilled. Through celebrating festivals together or participating in different events or gathering for small get-togethers people bond well which is very necessary for quality living.

  1. Better ROI:

There is a notion that flats within apartment complexes are little costly than a standalone building, but if we calculate and focus on the overview, we will understand that it is totally worth it. You get a lot of facilities within close-knitted premises without any extra charges. The maintenance charges are quite low and the cost removes the hassle of arranging a technician every time some issue comes up in the flat, be it about plumbing or electrical problems. The complexes are mostly developed by reputed builders who are known for on-time project delivery and superior construction quality abiding by all compliance and necessary rules. So, flats in residential complexes have high property value. You will be able to sell it at a higher price easily if you have bought an apartment in a gated community by a popular builder.


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