The glorious structures of a city that have stood the test of time and witnessed the place change over the years are a stunning component of that place that must be visited because of their historic relevance and old rustic charm. Delhi has a number of historical monuments that are a delight to watch and home to so many legends that a Delhi city tour will be a memorable experience. So, let’s explore the 5 most famous monuments in Delhi that you just can’t miss!

1. The Regal Red Fort

This is the largest monument in Delhi and an exemplar of the opulence of the Mughal Dynasty in India. One of the most famous places to visit in Delhi, the Red Fort happens to be a shining jewel made of red sandstone. The Sound and Light Show that takes place in the fort gives an insightful glimpse into the Mughal world and should definitely be seen if you are a history buff.

2. The Qutub Minar Standing Tall

This glorious edifice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for being the second tallest minaret in India. The Arabic inscriptions on the structure give it a unique charm. If you ever come on a tour to Delhi, it would be blasphemous to return without having visited this Mughal marvel.

3. India Gate- The Heart Of The City

Also known as the All India War Memorial, the magnanimous structure of India Gate pays homage to the sacrifice of Indian soldiers. Not only is this place a site to remember the war heroes, but the beautiful and vibrant surrounding of the place has made it a famous spot to hang out with family and friends.

 4. A Mesmerizing Mausoleum- Humayun’s Tomb

Yet another glorious addition in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list is the Humayun’s Tomb. While Mughal history is full of emperors building monuments for their wives, this tomb has a special story as its construction was commissioned by the wife of Humayun for her beloved husband. The characteristic red sandstone was used in the building which makes it a stunning gem of Delhi excursions.

5. The Soothing Sight Of Lotus Temple

The serene aura of the Lotus Temple appeals to all visitors. The most amazing aspect associated with this structure is that it is not confined to any religion and is a site that is open to all to worship and enjoy the calmness of its premises. People of all ages agree that visiting the Lotus temple is one of the most peaceful things to do in Delhi which makes it rather special.

So, the next time you plan on booking a Delhi tour package, don’t forget to head to these famous monuments!


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