Facial twitching, slow development of a facial weakness over a period of weeks, hearing loss and tinnitus that may be present according to the tumor, dizziness or balance problems and recurring one sided facial weakness that gets better and then returns, etc are some of the common symptoms of facial nerve cancer or facial nerve tumor. A doctor or surgeon can diagnose the problem and provide you with the right treatment.

For Facial nerve cancer treatment and surgery board-certified physicians of Alpha Surgical Group are providing with some of the nation’s finest care in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery as well as otolaryngology. They work by keeping in mind patient-focused approach – mainly to provide with utmost care and in compassion and skills.

Professional surgeons work closely with one another – merging state-of-the-art training in a variety of sub-specialties to address all facets of a case. They understand the important relationship between aesthetic appearance and function; while they always attend to both aspects as a part of treatment plan. Surgeons, who are in Alpha Surgical Group are leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

For Facial nerve cancer surgical procedure and treatment, what all you have to do is give a call or send a mail and leave rest of the work on experts working here.


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