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Accidental fire outbreaks cause irreparable damage to businesses. Following the adequate measures at the right time is extremely important to prevent such vulnerable situations. Maintaining a fire safety and prevention program is essential for entrepreneurs to keep their place of work safe. It’s required not only to protect your business property but also the lives of your employees and other stakeholders. 

Fire alarm systems are undoubtedly an elemental part of the whole fire prevention program that immediately send alerts to the occupants after detecting a fire. But many of us still don’t have a clear idea of this device when it comes to its operational efficiency or how it works. But isn’t it ideal to know about  these devices in detail before you buy Notifier fire alarm parts and think of installing them? If you feel yes, this blog is for you. Keep reading. 

What is a fire alarm and how it works?

The most important function of fire alarms is to inform the occupants living in the building about the fire attack. It helps further to understand the extremity of the situation and take the necessary measures to escape from the place. 

There are three prime components in the fire alarm system, including an input system, an output system, and a fire alarm panel. The fire alarm panel is considered the most crucial component as it’s responsible for directing the signals mostly. The input is being given to the fire alarm system automatically or manually based on the system’s mechanism. And the output system mainly broadcasts signals as beacon, sound, or output modules. 

The function of fire alarms is different from smoke detectors

Often people confused fire alarms to be the same as smoke detectors or use them interchangeably. But there’s a significant difference between these two devices. Smoke detectors performs a single function of detecting any smoke and sending a quick alert. On the contrary, the fire alarm is responsible for detecting the fire and send the signal to the fire alarm panel. 

There are 2 types of fire alarms mostly available

Collective and addressable fire alarms are the two types of alarms you will mostly find. In the collective alarm system, it’s not possible for each of the detectors to identify signals individually. However, in the addressable alarm system, all the detectors are designed to identify signals individually. 

Age of the fire alarm system is a factor in its maintenance

Every fire alarm device requires a certain degree of maintenance. But, the type of maintenance program you need to follow mostly depend on the age of the device. A fire alarm system is expected to work properly for at least 5 years and then after, you might need to replace it. But when it comes to maintenance, you must follow a regular routine. It is important to perform at least a yearly check of the fire alarm systems installed in the workplaces to ensure failsafe protection against fires. 

Wrapping up

It’s always important to choose the right equipment and components to install an integrated fire alarm system that proves to be highly efficient in offering protection against commercial fires. Hence, you should look for the best quality devices available in the market like Notifier NFS-320C, and more from a leading supplier and installer. Also, check whether the supplier or installer is certified and have a fair reputation in delivering top-notch service. It will ultimately ensure that the right equipment are installed in the right way following all the legal codes and regulations. If you are in search of a well-known supplier and installer, consider seeking the help of Fire Alarm Depot. They offer a range of fire alarm devices at the best possible prices. Please contact them now.  


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