The original Land Rover was always intended to be a working vehicle. However, it found favour with many people who wanted something practical and rugged, even if they never strayed off the road. Land Rover recognised this market with the introduction of the Range Rover, which was more comfortable but still retained unrivalled off-road ability. On its first introduction in 1989, the Land Rover Discovery provided a vehicle that sat in between the increasingly upmarket Range Rover and the more utilitarian Defender. It immediately proved popular with country dwellers and with families who liked its combination of practical space and high seating position, even if they never used its off-road ability.

Later variants up to the current fifth-generation Discovery have become progressively more civilized but still retain the practical abilities of the earlier model. This does mean, though, that the seats and carpets have become rather plusher and – if you still intend to use your Disco to carry dogs or bikes or kids, then you’ll want to protect the interior.

Properly Floored
If you are looking to buy Land Rover Discovery accessories, one of the first things you will likely look for is floor mats. We can supply a set of four tough rubber mats to protect your carpets. These are tailored to fit the front and rear footwells and have the Land Rover logo moulded in so that they will look smart as well as being practical. When they get dirty they can easily be taken out to have the dirt shaken off or even be scrubbed clean. These mats are available to fit different generations of Discovery from 2010 onwards, so check that you are getting the correct ones for your vehicle. Mats are available for the latest Discovery Sport models too.

If your Discovery has the optional third row of seats, we can supply an extra set of mats to go with those too. Keeping the rear floor protected from the kids’ muddy shoes and stop spillages and crumbs from getting into the carpet.

Wheely Smart
When it comes to the outside of the car, it’s important to protect the tyres’ valve caps. Keeping them clear of dirt, dust and moisture helps ensure they keep working effectively. Plain plastic valve caps are no fun, though, especially if you have smart allow wheels. We therefore sell a selection of smart caps to set off the style of your Discovery.

You can buy Land Rover Discovery accessories such as valve caps either with the Land Rover logo or with a union flag – in either colour or monochrome – to add protection and style. Remember that if you are fitting metal valve caps you should always apply a little grease to the threads to prevent corrosion.

Once your car is taken care of, we also supply a range of Land Rover branded clothing and other items for men, women and children. This allows the whole family to look smart and show off their Land Rover allegiance.

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