Building facilities require enhanced sprinkler system setup for achieving increased fire safety and protection. The overall system setup for a fire sprinkler system can be complex as there are several equipment that needs to be installed for its successful functioning.

Sprinkler system equipment such as firefighting sprinkler heads, sprinkler hose and fittings needs to be carefully selected for gaining maximum efficiency. But there’s more to setting up a stellar sprinkler system. You need to consider a few essential things for improved fire sprinkler system installation.

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Below a few essential considerations are enumerated that can come in handy for installing a quality sprinkler system.

Types of Sprinkler System

Before you begin to assemble sprinkler equipment, the first thing you need to consider is the type of sprinkler system which is perfect for your building facility. There are popularly four types of sprinkler system and they are –

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

The Dry Pipe Sprinkler system is fitted for commercial buildings which are prone to the issue of pipe bursts or freezing. In this type of sprinkler system, the sprinkler pipes are nitrogen filled or pressurized air filled.

The pipes are, however, connected to the main water storage tank. In case of fire outbreak, the air-filled pipes leak which causes the water from the tank to pass through pipes and then to the sprinkler heads. Compared to other sprinkler systems, dry pipe sprinklers take longer time to activate.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

These are the most commonly used sprinklers and are suitable for residential building facilities. The activation rate for this type of sprinkler system is quick as the pressurized cold water releases through the sprinkler heads immediately.

As soon as the predetermined temperature level reaches within the system, the sprinkler head sets off to release water discharge. Because of its quick response, they are considered the best option for taming an emergency fire outbreak.

Deluge Sprinklers

In premises where there’s an increased safety concern of fire damage such as warehouses, the use of a deluge sprinkler system is ideal. In this system, a nozzle is open all the time thus, enabling the system to get activated quickly.

An in-built fire alarm feature triggers the system. Once the system is activated, a water valve releases which instantly sets off the sprinklers.

There is also a Pre-action Sprinkler System available which is a combination of wet and dry sprinkler systems. It is essential to consider different types of sprinkler systems before settling on one.

Source of Water Supply

A water supply is a crucial component that requires to be determined and selected for fire sprinkler system setup. The sprinkler system can only function when the source of water supply is connected with the system.

Now, there are a few options for water supply sources that are suitable for sprinkler systems. The pressure vessel needs to be maintained if you choose fire water tanks as your water supply source. Pressure tanks or elevated tanks are some options of fire water tanks.

There are other water supply sources such as automated pumps connected with water bodies such as ponds or lakes. However, its availability depends on the location of the building facility and not all sprinkler system setup can be compatible with it.

Cost of Installation

The sprinkler system installation is a vast design and requires a lot of equipment. The overall cost needs to be considered for setting up a high performance sprinkler system.

The cost of installation greatly depends upon different types of sprinkler systems available. Other than that, the cost of labour, quality, material also adds to the overall cost of installation.

If you hire installation services then it only makes sense to compare a few options. This also adds to the total cost of installation for setting up the sprinkler system. The size of your building facility is also a contributing factor for determining the sprinkler system installation cost.

If the size of the building facility is large then more sprinkler heads and other equipment is required to connect them to the system. Therefore, increasing the cost of installation.

These are a few essential factors that need to be considered for setting up a high performance fire sprinkler system setup.

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