If you have a household pet then flea and tick must be a common issue. And, it is upon us that we make sure that it does not become a problem. These insects are huge trouble for the pets as these insects bite and provoke them. They can also spread sickness not only among the animals but also the youngsters in the house.

You may eradicate the ticks and fleas once and for all when they infest your house but defensive measures are the best and the most efficient.

There are several ways in which you can eradicate ticks and fleas. Some of these preventive methods are given below.

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  1. Flea and tick collars

The best way in which you can save your pets from flea and tick is by using the flea and tick collars for cats and dogs. These are medicated collars.

They won’t kill fleas or ticks but prevent them from getting attached with the skin and hair of your pet. Your pet can wear these collars for almost 30-60 days. This means you can use these collars for the long term and it will work as a defensive assistant for your pet.

  1. Oral preventive medication

This is another way in which you can prevent ticks and fleas from your pets. These are an oral supplement and if you give it once a month to your pet then the flea eggs will stop from hatching on the body of your pet.

The weight of your pet plays a major role in this as the dosage of the pill will also depend on it. If you have a pet cat then they can have the medicine in the form of a liquid, mixed with their meals.

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  1. Sprays

However, when you are using something like flea and tick collar you are preventing the insects from attaching to the body of your pet. But are they actually killing the adults or eggs which are already existing? No!

For this you need spray. These sprays are safe for your kittens and puppies that are almost 8 weeks old. You can also continuously apply the spray as it won’t be a treat to them.

  1. Spot-on medicine

This is one of the hottest medicine for the prevention of flea and tick. This is a pesticide and it will kill them form the base, which means from eggs to adults.

However, while using this medicine you must be careful that you keep it out of reach from your dogs a and cats. As this medicine has the potential to kill the insects but it can also be lethal to animals.

While you treat your pets from tick and flea it is also important that you keep your house and yards clean. Most of the insects cannot breed in clean places they try to find places that are dirty. So, the environment of your house must be clean.

These fleas and tick have the capability to survive without a host. You will also get many fleas who remain suspended until they find an animal on whose body they can live and hatch.

In your house, you have to make sure that all the garments and bedding are removed from the floor before you spray pesticide for them. Fleas and ticks love to get covered in the dark, it is their hiding place. Make sure that you target the corner and crevices of your house and spray pesticide over there.

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