Everyone needs a quick and easy solution for downloads today. Those years are gone when you would wait long hours for a single game or movie to get unloaded on your computer. And with the introduction of torrents and top seedboxes, downloading has certainly become much quicker than ever before.

To be specific, seedboxes are cloud-supported remote servers allowing users to upload and download the largest torrent files at high-speed. This high-bandwidth remote server will allow users to easily download the updated releases of torrents and share files securely with other seedbox users at the same time.

However, if you want to watch some of these digital files then you need to download these torrent files to your computer and play them on a media player. But you can simply skip this process and watch it straight away from seedboxes if you’ve Plex Plugins.


What Is Plex?

Plex is a client-server media player application allowing users to maintain online media sources organized and easily accessible. This advanced application can actually spin top seedbox into




your personal media player. And so, you can use seedboxes for much more than just hosting digital files with the help of Plex. This advanced system runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

And what’s even more interesting is present, you have a great option of seeking seedboxes with advanced plugins, which is entirely set-up and ready to use the system. However, in case you are a power user, it’s wiser to set-up plugins on your remote servers and updates to meet your needs with the help of additional plugins and channels, which need to be installed.

Therefore, you’ve options to install Plex either manually or automatically along with your seedbox but you may need to get plugins that are still available and working without bugs. However, most people will ask you to avoid additional plugins as it requires maximum efforts. And so, we’ve enlisted some advanced plugins, which are still operational and new apps that users can apply to use in the Plex.


List of Four Best Plex Plugins 

  1. Web Tools 

This is possibly the most commonly-used Plex plugins. Web Tools includes the popular Unsupported Appstore (user-generated content and unofficial channels), logging tools, playlist management module, subtitle management module, and system scanning unmatched and missing media. After considering which operating system you are currently running, installing add-ons seems quite complicated. Also, you should understand steps to unlock channels elsewhere on the site. One of the best tools in Web Tools Collection is the UAS (Unsupported App Store).


  1. Sub-Zero:

Plex can natively manage subtitles and comes with some caveats. Thus, users can get access to a couple of subtitles libraries and the tool doesn’t retrospectively include subtitles to existing media. Sub-Zero provides a more comprehensive way of managing subtitles. This will automatically scan eight repositories to locate the best subtitles for your video. Sub- Zero can also scan your media and point out missing subtitles files and provides many customization gears, such as – timing offset, color, and removal of HI tags from people with weakening hearing.


  1. Plex-Sync

This plug-in allows users to automatically sync individuals watched status with multiple add-on servers. Plex-Sync is useful if you’ve separate servers running in various addresses, such as – at your residence and workplace simultaneously. This particular add-on can sync several users concurrently. In case you and your partner watched some episodes of serials, it will ensure you and your partner on the same page when you next login. Also, you can sync your content via HTTPs and Ports.


  1. Tautulli

Tautulli is an important plug-in while you are sharing Plex Library with other seedbox users. This is officially called PlexPy, which is one of the best Plex Apps that can make Plex more enjoyable. This particular plug-in aims to provide proper statistics about your client-servers. This system includes what program users are watching, who watched, and where and when online media were watched.

Tautulli is a powerful notifications tool. You can alert other users when you add new content to the Plex Library, receive an alert if your server drops, and many more options. This commonly-used add-in allows users to use custom scripts and expand considerably operations.

That’s quite exciting as client servers already inserted add-ons with individual plugins option and might unveil it soon over the internet. However, seedbox users will receive great chances to seek advantages of this time and update their Plex experience. Luckily, you ought to continue with some extra steps to install and set-up plugins, which will greatly enhance your watching experience in the future.

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