Music is an integral part of our lives. Sometimes music uplifts our mood, other times they help us relax and sometimes they help us connect with ourselves. We tend to listen to music whenever we are travelling, commuting to and from work, relaxing at home or partying with friends. In fact research says that as days are passing, people are heavily relying on music, easily spending 2.5 hours daily listening to songs.

If everyone is listening to so much music on an everyday basis then the obvious question that comes to mind is where do they listen from? The Internet has been a boon. It has opened the world just with a click of a mouse, a tap of a fingertip. You can today get anything and everything on the Internet if you search properly. That’s also the case with music. You can listen to endless numbers of songs, create your own playlist, be introduced to new genres all on the right websites.

Today there are many free music websites which allow listeners to play their songs, as and when they wish. So why are they so attractive? Let’s take a look. 

  • Endless Music Options– Most free music websites are loaded with songs. You can listen to hip hop music or play some reggae if you wish. Most of these music websites are continuously updating their library adding new songs every day. You can be on the same website for hours without realizing because they have such amazing collections to boast of.
  • No Buffering Hassles– Many would think that one of the downsides of listening to music online is that you have to endlessly wait for the songs to buffer. But today with improved technology and better data connections, buffering is almost a thing of the past. You can today enjoy your music without getting irritated or flustered.
  • Genre Specific Songs– If you are one of those who likes to listen to only one genre of music then these websites should be the perfect find for you. Here not only do you get the chance to listen to endless tracks but also genre-specific songs. Some websites have vast collection of hip hop songs, so if you are a fan of this genre these websites should be perfect for you.
  • Watch Videos Too – Music websites have also realized the power of the visual medium. People like watching videos, sometimes more than they prefer listening to songs. If you are on a website that not only let you listen to your favorite songs but also lets you watch movies online, you wouldn’t want to leave the site, would you? That’s exactly what many new music websites are now offering. This can easily improve your entertainment quotient by a few degrees.
  • All for Free– The best part about the sites that we are talking about is that they are free. No pay walls restrict your movement, there are no restrictions on what you can watch and what you cannot, what you can listen and what you cannot. Everything on these websites are free. When you have the option of being entertained without paying a dime then why go elsewhere, right?

Many may think that free websites are a scam and nothing today can be available for free. But they are wrong. These free websites are created with the sole purpose of entertaining their listeners and viewers. These types of websites are especially great if you listen to only a few specific genres such as hip hop. In these sites you will easily find an exhaustive collection of hip hop songs and videos.

About the author: Jay Eagans loves listening to music whenever he can. He discovered the joys of free music websites and likes to share his experience with others. He regularly blogs on where you can listen to hip hop music freely. 


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