In the list of your everyday appliances, a refrigerator will not miss its spot. From cooking something for the next day to stocking up your leftovers, you cannot spend a day without a fridge. Just like everyone, you have faced the same dilemma when it breaks down – should you replace or repair a fridge?

If you bring in a new fridge every time the previous one starts acting weird, you are making frequent investments. And these large investments are denting your monthly expenses simultaneously. So, would you not rather save hundreds of dollars?

If yes, you need to call fridge repair in Calgary. Now, the question remains whether you should make the call. On several occasions, a replacement serves the need but incurs a huge expenditure. Whereas a quick fix could solve it. To know whether you are saving or making a common mistake, take a look below.

Common Issues do not Call for a Replacement

  • Icemaker stops functioning.
  • Temperature monitor starts beeping.
  • Fridge starts making loud noises.
  • Food products are frozen.
  • Puddles of water are on the floor.

Among numerous problems, these ones are widely seen in almost every household. Nevertheless, it does not mean your refrigerator is bound to last long. Some of the problems are beyond repair, and they require a professional’s attention.

When to Call the Fridge Repair in Calgary

Before giving the professionals a call right away, check a few things.

  • Refrigerator is plugged.
  • Ice maker is not switched off.
  • Check whether coils are clogged.

When you have done the necessary inspections and the problems are still there, you need a licensed professional. In addition to the previously mentioned issues, you might notice doors are not closed properly. There might be noises coming out from the fan or the dispensing water dispenser malfunctioning.

Is Your Fridge Getting Old?

Whether there is a need for fridge repair or replacement has got a lot to do with its age. So, always consider the age before making a call.

If you bought the refrigerator a few decades ago, it might be at the tip of its lifespan. Replacing a worn-out fridge is a money-saving idea, indeed. The older your fridge gets, the costlier the repairs are.

However, repairs are vividly cost-effective. Fridge repair services in Calgary can fix the problems and the side effects. Typically, refrigerators last more than 10 years, and the first decade does not necessarily require replacements. If you notice the ice maker or temperature monitor acting up, a simple call can save thousands of dollars.

Prevention Starts at Home

Repairs can undoubtedly extend the life of your fridge, but you can prevent the preliminary problems. For starters, make sure you do not overload the fridge with food and beverages. Then do not open the door every second. When the door is open, the compressor puts extra effort into keeping the food cold. (Yes, your parents had a reason to warn you in childhood!)

Keep the refrigerator coils clean because it ensures the fridge functions well. Additionally, clean the gaskets and remove excess oil.

Last-Minute Takeaway

Whether you need a fridge repair or replacement in Calgary, you should consult a professional service provider. The appliance repair services Calgary inspect the conditions and recommend replacements as and when necessary. When you see any of the common problems, your first move involves calling a repairman. With their extensive knowledge at your disposal, every penny you spend in the investment is worth it.



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