Fumigation is one of the widely used procedures for pest control and extinction. The process involves the use of fumigants – pests in gaseous form to kill poison pests in a residential area, commercial area or public spaces. Fumigation is also commonly used in agriculture or grain produce to prevent the soil being infected during import and export to get rid of harmful insects, worms and other organisms that might transported from one place to another. It has often seen that excessive use of chemicals in any form may harm human life and even buildings. Make use of fumigation service Melbourne to prevent the pests to make their presence in the specific area.

Types of Fumigation

Types of fumigation used by Pest Control Unit include:

Structure Fumigation – This type of fumigation is used to eliminate termite infestation in residential units, food processing facility, mills, pharmaceuticals and warehouses.

Commodity Fumigation – This type of fumigation is used to eliminate pests in storage units like truck trailers, shipping containers, box cars, etc.

Chemicals Used in Fumigation

Some of the widely used fumigants include Phosphine, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, SulfurylFluoride, Heat treatments, Formaldehyde, Chloropicrin, Methyl Isocyanate, Hydrogen Cyanide etc.

Different Methods Used for Fumigation

Generally, fumigation methods are classified as surface and sub-surface. In surface treatment, fumigation is done on exposed surface areas. But in Sub-surface treatment, gases or chemicals are used into spaces lie soil, cargo, containers and storage tanks etc. The methods used for surface fumigation completely depend on the situation, circumstance and the nature of pest and pesticides. While methods used for sub-surface fumigation are tubing, trenching, short probe, long probe, combination and recirculation etc.

Professional Role

Generally, fumigation services Melbourne carried out by the professional holds proper training and years of experience. The exterminators at Pest & Flood Unit have certified authorities with knowledge on all types of fumigants and the ways that they can be used. They boast broad area of knowledge which help in determining the right type of fumigant and needed quantity in concern to the area. The best thing is that they make use of eco-friendly methods which not at all affect the environment at any cost.

Pests come in different shapes and sizes but they have in common is to annoy and disruption. Whether your house experience bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and cockroaches on the patio or rodents and insects rushing around kitchen areas, pest control cockroach treatment services can help you get rid of crawling creatures. Such services can help you enjoy your home and neighborhood without bothering about the inconveniences of nature.

Professional pest control services are no more limited to individual pest problems. They can even help larger communities and industrial properties with their pest problems. Solutions such as space fumigation engage sealing a structure airtight using a deadly gas into a space over a specific period of time, usually 24-72 hours. The great thing is that space fumigation targets all life stages of pests.


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