Did you even have a separate room when you were a kid? Well, most of us did not, because the concept of a separate room for the kids in the family was non-existent back in those days. However, with the passage of time, the thought of a separate room for the kid started getting ground. With nuclear families grew popular, the idea of separate kids room also become mainstream. And today, parents are quite wary about decorating their child’s space in a fun way to make their childhood beautiful.

Here are some crazy & inspiring ideas too to flood your creative soul with amazing ideas. Here’s a list of things that my friend has done to design a space for her kid in their 3 BHK apartment in Madhyamgram.

  1. Help them stay organized: Keep things at their height, so that they can easily reach them whoever they need to store anything. Whatever it is, closet storage, coat racks, benches or any other things, make sure they are at the easiest reach of your kids. They will learn to stay organized and sorted.
  2. Create colourful walls: Unlike the elders, kids prefer a funky & colourful setting. Hence, it’s always recommended to create an art center right on the walls of their room. A great idea is to use wainscoting in their room and painting the wall below with chalkboard paint. You can get chalkboard paint in the color of your choice. Simply paint up to a chair rail or install your own and paint below.
  3. Create a fantasy world for them: To create a fantasy world right in their room, get the accessories from a hobby or craft stores in your locality. There are some paints available in such stores that glow at the night. You can paint stars and moon in your child’s room which will glow the entire night. You can also try a cityscape around the edge of the room. Such kind of things will build his urge to turning out the lights at night.
  4. Get the room fun & functional: A fun and functional room is the kids’ heaven. Get it designed with removable wall transfers. These are available in a wide variety of choices and are extremely popular. Precisely, these are kind of temporary wall tattoos that let your kid have fun while decorating their room in their own way. The best part is, these removable wall transfers are so happening that you won’t even need to get the room fixed later.
  5. Create a display space: Give your kid enough space to exhibit their creations. Encourage them to draw pictures and paste them on the clipboard. Your kid might also want to hang the postcards he has collected in the given space. Encourage him to get involved in such kind of productive stuff. Just get a magnetic wall for creating a display space.

Creating a kid’s room is not a huge project. In fact, you can effortlessly accomplish it if you abide by these easy and simple ideas.


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