Both Medicare as well as commercial payers have LCD’s or local coverage determinations for procedures and testing. It includes indications as well as restrictions that come along with the approved diagnosis codes. The primary services that are performed by Gastroenterology providers are Evaluation and Management (E&M) services, Endoscopy as well as billing for the procedures.

As a provider, there has to be effective checks and balances in place that drives your reimbursement possibilities. Reducing your operational costs depends on finding reliable resources that can take your gastroenterology billing to the next level of consistency.

Finding a quality team of experts that know how to drive your payments, precise understanding of the best practices of the industry can help you earn a competitive edge. All you need is a consistent team that transforms your flow of cash as a complete operational extension.

Sunknowledge: A smart answer to your practice management challenges

One of the sparkling reasons for us emerging as a powerful revenue cycle management destination in healthcare is our versatility and experience. We have eliminated process loopholes for some of the largest providers across multiple specialties.

Our team has niche expertise in offering support in front and back end gastroenterology billing with excellent references all across the country. We have reduced costs of operations by 70%, eliminated process loopholes, and driven ROI with our customized reporting best practices. No write-offs or adjustments will be done without any client consent.

We take pride in a robust team that offers task-specific assistance in checking of eligibility, approving the prior authorization on time, updating the outcome of the authorization, submitting claims on time, medical coding, denial management, and accounts receivable collections.

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage right now! Talk to our experts and know-how we deliver timely value. At present, we deliver customized support at just $7 per hour and have a full-service approach. Know how we can help you invest in success as a complete gastroenterology billing company.


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